Meet Mitendra Singh, the most qualified Mr India winner!

Meet Mitendra Singh, the most qualified Mr India winner

Mitendra Singh from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was announced the winner of Rubaru Mr India 2017 contest held on 25 February 2017 at the Royal Castle in Gurugram, Haryana. This very charming gentleman was awarded with the title of Mister United Continents India 2017 at the prestigious event which was participated by 35 of the most handsome and talented men in India. He will now represent India at the international competition, Mister United Continents 2017 to take place later this year in the beautiful country of the Philippines.

Meet Mitendra Singh, the most qualified Mr India winner

Miterndra Singh holds a master’s degree in law and a master’s degree in business administration as well. He is most qualified Mr India winner in the history of Indian pageantry. This highly qualified Indian gentleman is a model, motivational speaker, businessman, lawyer and politician by profession. He stands 5 foot and 11 inches tall and has black hair and black eyes. Mitendra describes himself as a very deep and spiritual person. He likes to analyse things and often spends time meditating to release stress and stay healthy. The year 2017 introduced a new chapter in his life when he won the nation’s most prestigious and highly respected male pageant, Rubaru Mister India contest. This annual national event is organized by Rubaru Group, established by Sandeep Kumar.

The main responsibility that has come after winning this contest is to represent India at the extravagant Mister United Continents 2017 international pageant slated to take place in the Philippines later this year. Mister United Continents is one of the most prestigious and widely celebrated international competitions for men. It the first international male pageant based in the Philippines, a country that is often described one of the most powerful countries in the world of pageantry. The Mister United Continents pageant is run by the Blue Circle Events headed by Mylene Miranda. The pageant’s motto is “the most handsome man across the continents with a cause”. The winner of the pageant gets the opportunity to travel the world during his reign to promote charitable causes and goodwill among nations. He takes part in various social and fashion events. This prominent international male pageant is a 2-3 week-long event, during which participants from all over the world take part in various pre-pageant activities and preliminary competitions that helps to determine the rightful owner of this prestigious international title.

Basic information about Mitendra Singh

Meet Mitendra Singh, the most qualified Mr India winner

Name: Mitendra Singh

Date of birth: 10 September 1990

Hometown: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Height: 5 foot and 11 inches

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Education: Master’s degree in Law and Master’s degree in Business Administration

Occupation: Model, lawyer, businessman, politician and motivational speaker