Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 6: Ethnic Wear Competition, Elite Panel’s Choice

Panel members: Zain, Daniel, Ritika, Tanishq, Mayera, Mohit, Rimzenith, Diya, Darshan, Abu, Alfaaz, Diksha, Rugved, Dennis, Farhan & Chris.

Elite Panel is group of premium members of The Great Pageant Community.  The panel will play a crucial role in the selection process of Miss TGPC 2017 winner.  This week the panel went through the ethnic wear competition and picked their favourites.  All the members of the panel picked their Top 5 choices.  The 1st choice was given 5 points, 2nd given 4 points and so on.  Once the points are totalled, the final result of the panel is compiled.

1st – Shriya

  • Good overall performance and moves.  She carried the outfit very well! – Tanishq
  • I guess her smile and confidence were amazing and I am in love with that turn; so she is definitely one to watch!  – Darshan
  • She walked so confidently, and paused and gave a pose when required.  I honestly want to see her growth in the upcoming rounds. – Rimzenith
  • Her walk was very elegant and flawless and that’s what can give her more points and take her ahead. – Rugved
  •  A perfect bloom at the start, wow her styling and the best part, her walk so impressive, and also she dressed so well, representing own her as a brand . – Mohit
  • She really enjoyed and had fun with that walk – just love it!  And yes, decent choice for ethnic wear. – Dennis
  • Right energy, walk and styling! – Diya
  • Loved her energy and walk. She has a good walk and zeal. Her poses are confident and that will work on her favour. However, she needs to stop moving her hands so much.. it’s distracting. – Chris
  • She was very expressive while walking, and carried herself elegantly. – Mayera
  • Amazing poise and grace and a polished walk – Ritika
  • Good walk, beautiful smile. Loved the way she was playing with her dress ! – Farhan
  • Lovely outfit, she looked gorgeous. What an energy! She was enjoying the moment, loved the twirl she did in the middle. – Diksha
  • She’s very energetic and lively. Her dress is very elegant that really works on her personality. I like her walk too. – Abu
  • She seemed like she was having a good time, her styling and walk was also nice. – Alfaaz

2nd – Vrushali

  • Her walk, pose and styling was nice but mediocre!  To win, she needs to stand out more and take a risk. Everything was fine but could be way better. – Alfaaz
  • What a transformation! Last year she was very raw , but now she looks very professional. Her transformation is like that of Aradhana Buragohain. Abu
  • I loved her outfit. She looked no less than a princess in that golden lehenga, classy and royal. Her walk was very graceful, she maintained a nice posture. – Diksha
  • She walks so good.  Great postures! – Farhan
  • WOW what a dress and very elegantly carried. – Mayera
  • Poise..  Good accentuating of the ethnic dress. Graceful walk – Chris
  • She has the best dressing and styling, but somewhere she lacks the confident ramp-walk skills. But I might be incorrect as well.. – Daniel
  • Loved everything!  Winner of this round for me.- Diya
  • Love that lehanga and specially that slow and sassy walk of her. – Dennis
  • Her Lehenga , her jewellery, her style, and her walk. I like the style and the way she represented herself, just loved that, so heavenly! She’s all in one. – Mohit
  • The best lehnga with nice jewellery, and she looks stunning. – Zain
  • She has shown a vast improvement and this clearly shows her dedication towards her victory. Her walk was good and she looked stunning in the lehenga. – Rimzenith
  • I think she has improved a lot; her walk was very elegant.  That smile at the end was the cutest thing!  So overall I love it! – Darshan
  • Great Transformation! She had elegance in her performance and created a good balance by putting the right amount of energy needed in this round. – Tanishq

3rd – Roma

  • That dress and way she carried it made a good impression for me.  I loved the angle from which it was shot.  For a few seconds I felt she is Bhairavi! They both look alike to me. – Tanishq
  • I love that dress so elegant and she carried it with grace but needs to learn to have a confident Smile. – Roma
  • Very graceful, confident and carried her beautiful aura. Her smile and dress were bang on. – Rugved
  • She has pretty face, dress is nice, it’s like lehenga with long shirt carried nicely. – Zain
  • Wow so much elegance in her styling, and her dress suited her. A perfect way to represent yourself, we can learn from her styling! – Mohit
  • Great confidence and walk! – Ritika
  • I am in love with her performance, loved the way she used her dress. Amazing! – Farhan
  • How graceful she is. Her smile and dress She can go further with such a strong personality. – Abu
  • I loved what she was wearing and she carried it extremely well; Elegance and class comes extremely naturally to her and she plays that in her favor. – Alfaaz

4th – Honey

  • Overall presentation was nice.  Saree made her stand out, with her performance. – Tanishq
  • The way she walked in that saree looked so regal and elegant. Totally wow performance for me – Rimzenith
  • So the best saree I would say!  She carried it well, height is nice and overall good (performance)! – Zain
  • Well put together video! (I) am happy that she cared about the background and the lighting.  Styling was good. – Diya
  • Perfect background selection for this round and great style, to carry the saree gracefully. – Daniel
  • Carried the saree very well! Her walk was impressive and timely for the outfit – Chris
  • Beautiful face and good walk, but the head moves a lot, so be careful of that… otherwise great!Ritika
  • She looked divine. Her walk was very poised; she carried that outfit with such ease. Classic Indian beauty! I liked the fact that she chose a nice location to shoot the video. The background just makes her look so fresh and divine. – Diksha

5th – Monisha

  • The combination of a subtle saree with a bright colored blouse did total justice to her features and her complexion. Loved her poses, another girl with a very poised walk. – Diksha
  • She killed it! That dress is wow.  Great postures and that “gajra” complimented her whole look so much! – Farhan
  • Perfect South Indian styling and great confident walk. – Daniel
  • Styling screamed SOUTH in bold and I loved it. – Diya
  • I love her South Indian style attire when she start her walk for a moment she look like former Miss India world Parvathy ommnakutan – Dennis
  • Beautiful traditional outfit carried with her beautiful Smile.  Not a loud kind of Performance but was pleasant to see a decent walk and satisfying one.  – Rugved
  • She knows how to carry out an ethnic look, yet in style.  She is really doing great ….. – Rimzenith
  • In love with her performance – What walk!  The Confidence!  I guess she was having fun while wearing and walking in it… And those gajras just brought the whole look together. – Darshan

6th – Snowlika

  • I loved the overall look.  Walk was fast but she had confidence and style. – Tanishq
  • She is the style icon of this batch. She will go a long way as a model if she improves her walk a little bit. Rimzenith
  • Her projection overall was really good and she carried a beautiful smile, but still needs to bring out some spark which she already has in her. Rest everything was up to the mark – Rugved
  • Great execution. Loved her energy! – Mayera
  • I loved the drama which she made with her dress! Though she needs to work on her walk! – Farhan

7th – Adwitiya

  • She has the best sense to pick a good wardrobe and accessories. – Mohit
  • She really knows how to style herself & everything matches with each other!  And (in) last part of her walk, she got little part of latina vibe. – Dennis
  • Another gorgeous and energetic girl. She carries herself so easily. Her colourful dress on her fair complexion makes her awesome. – Abu
  • Her poses were amazing! I was just hoping she would stop trying to pick up her ghagra. Her styling wasn’t the worst but obviously could be better. – Rimzenith

8th – Pallavi

  • Well, I had a tie for Pallavi, Arohi, Honey (for 5th place in my list).  But I select Pallavi, as she walked gracefully on the terrace slab, which was looking a risky place… wearing a beautiful sari, walking on heels! And I loved the color combination of her dress; that’s why I selected her over Honey and Aarohi. – Mohit
  • I love the way she gracefully carries that saree; black is not pageant color but she really carried well. – Dennis
  • Facially she is gorgeous. She looks awesome in her black elegant saree . It really suits her figure . – Abu

9th – Ashwarya

  • Through she styled herself comparatively simple, I think it worked in her favour, letting us see her beautiful face… (she) was smart. Though I want to see a bit more energy and smiles. Alfaaz
  • The moment I saw her video I could recall this quote by Coco Chanel, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.  A simple salwar but she carried it with elegance! She is one of the most beautiful girls in the contest, she had a sophisticated walk. – Diksha
  • Her performance is really good, so far nicest face and yes, her Salwaar Kameez was very simple but she looks beautiful. – Zain
  • Simple yet elegant! I love that kurti and her poses too!  Her smile is very cute; she should work on her facial expression a bit. – Darshan


10th – Priya

  •  Simple Anarkali but I liked her performance! – Zain
  •  Loved her twirl that brought the dress to life. She was elegant but needed to bring out her personality more to shine. – Chris
  • She did full justice to her anarkali, working it to the maximum. Loved her poise! – Mayera

11th – Mahima

  • Everything is perfect, just a little work here and there and you will be great. – Ritika
  • She was confident but a little stiff.  (She) could have smiled a bit.  She still exuded poise. – Chris

12th – Aarohi

  • Towering height is what makes her stand out. Beautiful outfit and had a good walk, with an amazing pose at the end. Can go far!  – Rugved


Congratulations, Shriya Torne!  You get a direct entry in Top 12. 🙂

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