Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 4: First Set of Subtitle Winners







This is how the first week of Miss TGPC 2017 ended with 3 episodes featuring girls in their profiles, personality videos and Beyond the BEAUTY videos. Girls have entered a secret facebook group of Miss TGPC 2017, where they are being groomed on their communication skills, pageant field knowledge, various tips for succeeding in pageants, team challenges, etc. While all this is happening, we bring you the results of 3 subtitles from the week-1. These results don’t bear any significance in selection of Miss TGPC winner and are non-eliminating in nature. Let us have a look for Top 5 winners of these subtitles!

Photo N Vogue Miss Photogenic Result


Winner: Ashwarya Bali

Comment from Mukesh Rathore: Ashwarya has an angelic face structure. She can suit all kind of photoshoots. I would be glad to shoot her a free modelling portfolio from Photo N Vogue, as her prize for winning Miss Photogenic.

1st Runner-up: Ekta Ingle

Comment from Mukesh Rathore: Ekta has perfect jawline and body for photoshoot. She executes the term fierceness in her pictures.

2nd Runner-up: Aarohi Shrivastava

Comment from Mukesh Rathore: Aarohi has a heavenly innocence on her face and her eyes are catchy. I believe this will work well with camera.

3rd Runner-up: Adwitiya Verma

Comment from Mukesh Rathore: I can see her bubbly personality in her pictures. Her naughty smile adds a different charm altogether.

4th Runner-up: Vrushali Gaurkar

Comment from Mukesh Rathore: Vrushali is a perfect Indian beauty whom we generally love to shoot for traditional and ethnic wears. She needs to polish herself bit and then she will be a force to reckon with.

Miss Personality Result


Winner: Adwitiya Verma (Avg. Score: 9.27/10)

Comment by Judges: 

“I really loved the spontaneity of Adwitiya. She is bubbly, confident and looks quite pleasant”- Vagisha Mishra

“Totally love her confidence and spark. She looked positively chirpy. If there is a subtitle for Miss Fresh face and Miss Vivacious, she would be my bet.”- Simeon Singsit

“Adwitiya has an effortless elegance, she communicated her message strongly and successfully gave a personal touch to the clip making it engaging. Her clear aspirations combined with her bubbly personality makes her a great prospect for Indian pageantry.”- Aman Singh

1st Runner-up: Roma Jee (Avg. Score: 8.67/10)

Comment by Judges: 

“Clarity of thoughts and unforced elegance were the key factors that stood for me. Her personality in the clip is like a book, that catch your attention more and more as you continue reading it. Roma literally grabbed this opportunity to make a strong mark early in the competition”- Aman Singh

“Poised, composed and calm, she is very polished when she speaks. Definitely a head turner.”- Vagisha Mishra

2nd Runner-up: Shriya Torne (Avg. Score: 8.63/10)

Comment by Judges:

“Shriya was able to successfully communicate her interest and achievements very well, Her personality shines through in this short clip, the reasons she states to support her choices clearly explains her strong reasoning capacity. The overall charm, confidence and smoothness that she portrays here makes her an instant crown contender for the season, it will be interesting to see her momentum throughout the competition. As of now, it’s safe to see her as a potential gift of Miss TGPC to the Indian pageantry.”- Aman Singh

“”Sweet” is the first word that came to my mind when I saw her speaking for the first time. She seems congenial and her aura is definitely quite soothing.”- Vagisha Mishra

3rd Runner-up: Priya Shah (Avg. Score: 8.4/10)

Comment by Judge:

“Love this girl. She looked nervous but that’s the good thing. When you’re nervous, you smile or blush which more is appealing. Apart from that she is well-spoken and very natural.”- Simeon Singsit

“The Confidence that Priya brings to the table while expressing her thoughts creates an image of strong articulate beauty queen, she has a spark that works very well at pageants, this competition is definitely going to help her sharpen her skills.”- Aman Singh

4th Runner-up: Monisha R (Avg. Score: 8.37/10)

Comment by Judge:

“The good thing about Monisha is that she answered her questions clearly and precisely without going speaking too much about her. She is one of the few who knows how to end her answers so that the other person can move on to the next question.”- Simeon Singsit

Wings to Fame ‘Beyond the BEAUTY’


Winner: Roma Jee

Comments by Yogesh Agarwal: 

Roma makes a perfect entry showcasing her talent. Her energy speaks higher volume. Her performance releases good vibes and also carries tremendous stage presence. There is surely something beyond the beauty that our eyes could catch. Hence, we would like to give a direct entry to our National Annual Talent Hunt Semifinals of ‘Wings to Fame‘ contest to Roma Jee.

1st Runner-up:  Honey Dhawan

Comments by Yogesh Agarwal:

Honey grabs our attention with her choice of subject for Beyond the Beauty round. The usage of reference sources portrays her knowledge, Her usage of  image illustration from her real experiences were very crisp, unique and practical. Her initiative towards betterment of society is truly Beyond the Beauty.

2nd Runner-up: Ahina Datta

Comments by Yogesh Agarwal:

Ahina Looked lovelier with the perspective of stage presence. There is a lot of sweetness in her voice. Should she try her luck beyond fashion and modelling, Singing may turn out a perfect strike

3rd Runner-up: Poonam Basu

Comments by Yogesh Agarwal:

Poonam has sweetness in her voice but lacks sharpness. Her gestures were very appealing which can be bettered with proper training and practice

4th Runner-up: Adwitiya Verma

Comments by Yogesh Agarwal:

Adwitiya surely has that zest for acting but had rather than a stationary corner block, She could have captured a mobile recording of better enactment. She seems to be bold and beautiful same time.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up..!!!!

Upcoming Episodes

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  • Episode 6, Ethnic Wear Competition – Elite Panel (8/03/2017, 8 PM) – The Top choice of the Elite Panel (Premium members of The Great Pageant Community – Group) gets direct entry to the Style Icon competition.
  • Episode 7, Ethnic Wear Competition – Judges’ Verdict (10/03/2017, 8 PM) – The scoring by the esteemed panel of judges shall be revealed and combined average scores will determine the first elimination of the competition.

Next week is going to be very exciting!  We will witness the first elimination round of the pageant – Ethnic wear competition.  #Excited