Miss Universe 2016: 10 Goddesses of Beauty

In less than 12 hours we shall know who is our Miss Universe 2016, with 13 finalists battling for the ultimate crown in pageant crazy nation of the Philippines. Our team has listed 10 girls whose beauty has impressed them beyond everyone else in the contest. Let us have a look at these 10 stunner.


65th Miss Universe Competition

Argentina caught our attention in prelim out of no where. Her beauty stood out in her trio group during swimsuit round. She looks bubbly and live, so she might just place in Top 12.


Australia, Miss Universe 2016

Australia delivered quite under our expectations but her beauty was beyond amazing. Australia did quite well in recent years so her sash is heavy. She might just place in the finale.


Belgium, Miss Universe 2016

Her eyes are amazing..!!! Her counterpart surprisingly did well in Miss World 2016 and we are expecting her do to well once she is in for the final competition.


Colombia, Miss Universe 2016

Colombia is a black barbie of the pageant and is expected to continue the success of her predecessors. We believe she will easily make her place in Top 6 basis her beauty and her performance.


France, Miss Universe 2016

France suddenly topped everyone’s prediction list as she delivered the most during the preliminary. Her facial beauty is a top notch, just like most Miss France. She might just end up winning the crown tonight.


Germany, Miss Universe 2016

Germany looked like an angel in evening gown round. He styling made her look tidy and tall. Loved her beauty and smile.


Iceland, Miss Universe 2016

Iceland just killed the competition when she arrived in evening gown round. She is a kind of girl who would do well even in a pageant like in Miss World. We really want to see her making to the Top 13 tomorrow.


Nicaragua, Miss Universe 2016

Nicaragua has impressed us from the day-1 and is still impressing till today. Her beauty resembles to that of Miss International 2015- Edymar Martinez.


Turkey, Miss Universe 2016

Although Turkey was an under-performer in preliminary, we loved her facial charm. She is undeniably gorgeous.


Ukraine, Miss Universe 2016

Pretty much like every Miss Ukraine, this girl is extremely beautiful. We loved her evening gown presentation. However, we feel she should put a little more energy if she makes it to the finale tonight.

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