Miss Universe 2016: Best in Asia [Analysis]

In the recent years, pageants are becoming more popular in Asia, particularly South-East Asia.  Among Asian countries, India, Thailand and Philippines were always pretty strong in pageants; but in the recent years, other countries like China, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia are also showing lot of competence.  This year again the Asian squad in Miss Universe 2016/17 is powerful.  With just 12 semi-final spots, we expect around 3-4 places going to Asia.  It will be interesting to see which Asian countries fill in this spots.

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Here are the five contestants whom our experts consider as the best contestants from Asia.


1 Thailand – Chalita Suansane

When she won the national title, she was considered a plain winner.  But with time, she proved her bashers wrong.  The girl is always well-styled and highly presentable.  The national organization certainly spends a lot on her.  She is well-groomed and that has been visible in her stay in the Philippines for the pageant.  For us, she is the best Miss Thailand in many years.  Considering the strong support she gets from her countrymen, it is possible that she may make the Top 12 cut based on people vote itself!  By the way, her national costume is to die her.  She may grab the Best in National Costume award, like her predecessor Aniporn.

2 Maxine Medina – Philippines

Gloria Diaz, the former Miss Universe, thinks that Maxine doesn’t have chance to win Miss Universe since she is the host delegate.  But she can be first runner-up.  We agree with Gloria.  Maxine Medina is beautiful and in great shape.  She presents herself well, on as well as off the ramp.  As per hearsay, she may speak in her native language during the interview round and that can help her clear the round.  Most importantly, she comes across as a sincere girl with good attitude, which are qualities that many recent Filipina winners showed (and thus succeeded in their international pageants).

3 Roshmitha Harimurthy – India

Roshmitha was among the Top 5 finalists of Femina Miss India and our experts had predicted that she may return and win Miss Diva.  The girl has a competitive spirit and a subtle-but-fierce approach which makes her undeniable.  Her body is in great form, as seen during the swimsuit competition in Cebu.  She also rocked the fashion show in Davao.  This is not a surprise because Roshmitha has been modelling since long and has worked with the best in the industry.  It is possible that Roshmitha rocks the preliminary competition and makes it to the Top 12.  Miss Indias are known to perform well in last phase of the pageant, when it is held in the Philippines.  Why, Sushmita Sen – the first Miss Universe of India won her coveted crown here in the Philippines.  This year she will be a judge!

4 Kezia Warouv – Indonesia

Kezia is one of the tallest ladies in the batch.  She was in good shape during her national pageant.  As per hearsay, pageant guru Jonas Gaffud has groomed her and it is visible.  The styling is different and her walk is impressive.  She now has an aura which she lacked during the national finals.  Indonesia as such has been doing so good in 2016 pageantry.  We feel Kezia may continue the success streak with a high placement in Miss Universe.  Interestingly, Indonesia is placing in Miss Universe since 2013.  Very few countries have this record.

5 Le Hang – Vietnam

People weren’t talking about Le Hang until the swimsuit competition.  But then she tripped in the show.  She regained her composure and completed the walk.  Somehow people love such moments.  You may do a great walk, but you are more noticed if you trip and then do a nice walk.  One of our experts is of strong opinion that Le Hang has great chances to place and she might even pull off a surprise victory.  The girl is a beauty and isn’t showing any major flaw that can keep her out of the top circle.  She can do well in National Costume round too.


  • Cheryl Chou (Singapore) – As per hearsay, she is trained by Lu Parker who works with Miss Universe.
  • Kiran Jassal (Malaysia) – She is often called the face of the pageant.
  • Le ZhenYing (China) – She received positive feedback during the swimsuit competition.

Images: Miss Universe