Miss India Rocks The Davao Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show!

A review on Miss India Universe Roshmitha Harimurthy’s performance at the Filipino Haute Couture fashion event organized at Davao city, The Davao Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show.

The Davao Magadang Tapestry Fashion Show.

Roshmitha Harimurthy appeared in 3 different outfits for the show viz. 2 gorgeous long gowns and a short dress, with her introducing self in the last round wearing a chic yellow short dress.

She was featured in the first look wearing a gorgeous blue fit to flare peplum gown with a blue scarf in hand. Roshmitha showed her glamorous ramp walk and head ramp skills. She executed her head ramp poses with panache and elegance unmatched, taking a semi turn ,showcasing the gorgeous back of the gown then followed by a full turn while simultaneously playing with the scarf and finally ending it with that fierce look ! It was indeed FIERCENESS UNLOADED !!  Adding to that she was styled in a such a way that many ended up pointing out, her look resembled Pia Wurtzbach’s Miss Universe 2015 look. With a similar low bun hairstyle, similar stud earrings and a quite similar gown, she filled in big shoes with a great success.


In the second round Roshmitha was seen wearing a gorgeous steel grey bustier with a yellow-brown skirt, ball gown. Now this has to be her best performance from last night. She wonderfully matched her walk to the background music, then on reaching the head ramp she blew everyone’s’ mind !! That quick spunky semi-turn with those quick arm movements, quickly followed by a full turn ! It was so good that the live crowd and the ones sitting at home in front of their gadget screens all went equally crazy !

A review on Miss India Universe Roshmitha Harimurthy's performance at the Philipino Haute Couture fashion event organised at Davao city, The Davao Magadang Tapestry Fashion Show.

And then came the finale cocktail look !   Wearing a fine yellow short dress, flying kisses , walking with a good combination of fierceness and elegance Roshmitha just owned it !!  She somehow channelized the charisma of a grown up Sushmita Sen, who is quite popular for her skills of ‘ bringing the ramp to life ‘ !! And this was quite evident by the cheers coming from the live audience. And we are proud to say that Roshmitha did recieve the loudest cheers after Miss Philippines, who obviously had a home ground advantage at it.   So… Say cheers !! Hip Hip Hurray !!   We can now confidently say, “India is in the house”.

We feel this was by far the best performance Roshmitha has given till date and the best performance by a Miss India at a Miss Universe event in the last 5 years. We also believe that she will continue her journey with such energy and charisma.  If she dreams of becoming a Victoria Secrets model she needs to first believe that she is already one !!

Author: R B Putki