5 Pageants you won’t believe they really exist!

While all the conventional beauty pageants have set some serious standards for the contestants, there are many beauty pageants that has pushed the boundary and set a whole new level of standards. Check out some of those.
Miss Snake Charmer 2013
Miss Snake Charmer 2013 (Credits: Facebook)
  • Miss Snake Charmer – The pageant is held in West Texas since 1958. The winner gets tiara, reward money, a sash saying miss snake charmer- and a chance to walk through through thousands of angry rattle snakes and entertain the crowd.

    Miss Pregnant
    Miss Pregnant (Credits: Site mentioned in picture)
  • Miss Pregnant – This pageant celebrates beauty with a bump. This offers all the beautiful pregnant ladies to walk in their bikinis, flaunt their baby bump, have some fun time and celebrate their pregnancy in best possible way.

    Miss Senior Citizen
  • Miss Senior Citizen – This is probably the only pageant meant for ladies who have crossed 60 years of age. The American pageant crowns the most gracious and mature senior American.

    Miss Cicciona (Credits: FB page of Miss Cicciona)
  • Miss Cicciona – A pageant for overweight women, as in the women who weighs at least 100kgs. The pageant is no less than conventional pageants where the girls being all glamed up walks in their gowns and bikinis on stage.
  • Miss Plastic Surgery – well if you have bought it, flaunt it. Started in Hungary, this pageant rewards the contestants as well as the doctors who operated them. Basically the pageant focuses on the work and skill of the doctor in transforming the girl.


Article by: Isshiika Ariangel