Miss Universe

President Duterte’s rules for Miss Universe 2016/17 in the Philippines

Duterte and Pia

Miss Universe 2016/2017 will be held in the Philippines this month. The preparations have been on from a long time and the anticipation about the event is huge. After all the filipinos are known for their love of pageants. The government of the country wants to ensure that the event does not cause any disruption or unnecessary expensives to the people. Hence they have been passing circulars to all government departments, agencies, corporations and institutes regarding the event.

The following decrees have been passed by far.

  1. No road should be closed throughout the events of the pageant. Duterte is very serious about this. Before he became the president, he had openly criticised the Pope when the later caused traffic jams during his visit to the country.
  2. The street dwellers should not be hidden. The country should be shown as it is to the visitors. Nothing should be hidden. This is a strange expectation because it makes sense that a host nation presents it’s best to the hosts. It’s not about hiding, it’s about conveying a good image.
  3. Full support should be given to the pageant but no expenditure should be made on it. Except for reasonable resources to provide support, no public funds should be spent.
  4. No disruption of work and services in offices due to the events of Miss Universe.

It is said that President Duterte was against the pageant being hosted in Manila initially. He had reportedly said that he will rather prefer to donate money to the poor. He has always opposed extravagant displays of pomp and pageantry during public events. It is said that he has even urged his officials to dress simply in such events.

Credits: Asian Correspondent


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