Miss Universe 2016 pageant: Watch out for these 15 Underdogs

Miss Universe 2016 contestants will start arriving in Manila from next week. It is the second time in pageant’s 65 year history that the event was postponed for a year. Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015 is all set to crown her successor at her home turf. 85+ contestants are expected to join the pageant, the contestants this year are exceptionally gifted. It will be a tough task to narrow down the top 15 from so many stunners. The tourism department of Philippines promises a memorable show and we as pageant fans are waiting eagerly for the contest to begin. Considering the quality of the batch we are expecting the unexpected. We have narrowed down 15 girls who we think are as good as the front runners but are currently flying under the radar of pageant watchers.

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Shannon Harris will be representing Barbados at Miss Universe 2016
Barbados-Shannon Harris

Barbados, Shannon Harris: Shannon is an established model and is currently working with elite model agency in Miami. Her plus point is her experience as a professional model and her stunning body. She will be a top contender for Miss Photogenic crown.Barbados has never placed at Miss Universe pageant but Shannon might just break the drought.

Stephanie Geldhof will be representing Belgium at Miss Universe 2016
Belgium-Stephanie Geldhof

Belgium, Stephanie Geldhof: Doppelganger of a younger version of Queen Rania, Stephanie is blessed with big blue eyes and a beautiful body. Last year Belgium surprised everyone by making it to top 15 can Stephanie pull off another surprise?

Rosalba Garcías will be representing Dominican Republic at Miss Universe 2016
Dominican Republic- Rosalba Garcías

Dominican-Republic, Rosalba “Sal Garcia” Aberu: Her beauty might not be everyone’s cup of tea but she surely has an unconventional look that suits modeling, her long and never ending legs will cause some serious damage as she struts the runway during the swimsuit competition.

Connie Jiménez will be representing Ecuador at Miss Universe 2016
Ecuador-Connie Jiménez

Ecuador-Connie Jiménez: She recently lost her boyfriend in a tragic road accident, despite such tragedy Connie is adamant to bring Ecuador into the top 15 of Miss Universe pageant. Connie’s transformation has been amazing and she has proved that she can be an exceptional winner.

Raquel Pélissier will be representing Haiti at Miss Universe 2016
Haiti-Raquel Pélissier

Haiti, Raquel Pélissier: Haiti rarely sends competitive girls to pageants Raquel is a living black barbie she will be loved for her amazing skin tone and big almond shaped eyes.

Sirey Moran will be representing Honduras at Miss Universe 2016
Honduras-Sirey Moran

Honduras, Sirey Moran: Her journey was filled with thorns but she has finally reached the last leg of it. We just hope she makes herself and country proud in Manila.

-Roshmitha Harimurthy will be representing India at Miss Universe 2016
India-Roshmitha Harimurthy

India, Roshmitha Harimurthy: She is a quintessential Indian beauty with great communication skills and stage presence. India’s romance with pageantry began in Manila when Sushmita Sen won Miss Universe 1994 there. Many fans feel Roshmitha might just pull off another victory for India there.

Sari Nakazawa will be representing Japan at Miss Universe 2016
Japan-Sari Nakazawa

Japan, Sari Nakazawa: one of the finest Miss Japan winner. Sari is the epitome of Japanese grace & elegance, with many Japanese sponsors & a good competitor we will Japan is in it for a long run.

Mary Esther Were will be representing Kenya at Miss Universe 2016
Kenya-Mary Esther Were

Kenya, Mary Esther Were: Probably the strongest delegate from Africa this year. Mary will be the torch bearer for the continent this year.

Marina Jacoby will be representing Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2016
Nicaragua-Marina Jacoby

Nicaragua, Marina Jacoby: One of the most ignored country in pageantry, Marina can put Nicaragua on pageantry map. She is a stunning beauty with humble heart.

Yuliana Korolkova will be representing Russia at Miss Universe 2016
Russia-Yuliana Korolkova

Russia, Yuliana Korolkova: Yuliana looks like a Victoria Secret model. She gives credit to yoga for her flawless figure. According to her bio on Miss Universe website is friendly and funny a rare trait for European delegates. The miss universe crown eludes Europe since 1990 it is long overdue that Europe gets the crown.

Hawa Kamara will be representing Sierra Leone at Miss Universe 2016
Sierra Leone-Hawa Kamara

Sierra Leone, Hawa Kamara: She is Faviana Matata 2.0. This unconventional beauty will be the first delegate to represent Sierra Leone at Miss Universe pageant and the new Miss Universe org will surely love her.

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene will be representing South Africa at Miss Universe 2016
South Africa- Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

South Africa, Ntandonyenkosi Kunene: She was one of the well-spoken contestants at this year’s Miss World pageant but she failed to make the first cut. Ntandonyenkosi’s experience at Miss World will help her perform well under pressure.

Noelia Freire will be representing Spain at Miss Universe 2016
Spain-Noelia Freire

Spain, Noelia Freire: There isn’t much hype around her or news about her but with a face and body like that she will be someone that everyone will start noticing as the competition progress.

Tansu Sila Çakir will be representing Turkey at Miss Universe 2016
Turkey-Tansu Sila Çakir

Turkey, Tansu Sila Çarkir: Gives us some serious hair goals, if there was best hair award she would have won it. If she sheds her inhibitions and gives her 100% she can end up with the crown.

Carolyn Carter will be representing US Virgin Islands at Miss Universe 2016
US Virgin Islands- Carolyn Carter

US Virgin Islands, Caroyln Carter: She has represented her territory at Miss World 2010, Miss Supranational 2011 & Muss Earth 2012 she failed to place in them but that doesn’t mean she is bad. Despite representing a weak sash pageant followers did notice her. We feel Miss Universe is the right pageant for Carolyn to shine.

Đặng Thị Lệ Hằng will be representing Vietnam at Miss Universe 2016
Vietnam-Đặng Thị Lệ Hằng

Vietnam, Đặng Thị Lệ Hang: Vietnam was brutally robbed last year. Dang had more than 2 years to prepare for the pageant and she is groomed to avenge Vietnam’s nonplacement last year.

Photo Credit: MUO Website