Beatrice Fontoura, Miss World Brazil, makes serious allegations against Miss World 2016?

The controversies surrounding Miss World 2016 are never ending!  The pageant fans on the internet are not yet quiet and now there is one more revelation.  As per a picture circulating on the internet, Beatrice Fontoura, Miss Brazil who was Top 10 in finals, has slammed Miss World 2016 pageant in a comment written on the Facebook.

Beatrice Fontoura

Translation of the text using Google Translate:

I played in the wheel everything that happened in 2014 in the MBU, I did not arrenpendi but I do not know if I would do it again. Do not be late for the memos! I’d rather keep thinking it was all clear, limp, fair and correct. I do not speak as a ‘loser’ speech or anything, I’m very proud of my top 10 and where I came from. I prefer to keep in memory that I went through the contest that was a dream, and it was accomplished in my life, and it will be that magic thing kept forever! Sometimes better. There is a lot of dirty and ugly things, starting with the staff weights sleeping with the misses, changing room at dawn, lack of food and even water, miss fainting for food, lack of respect for the part of chaperonas or ‘team leaders ‘, BWP that was not judged at all, suspicious jurors, a national director at the jury’s desk? How is this possible! Anyway, one day I’m going to write a book about Miss World 2016!

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Notable points in her comment in this picture, based on translation:

  • She alleges that staff members slept with Misses and left room at dawn.
  • Food and water were not adequately available and some contestant(s) even fainted due to this.
  • Some chaperones were not respectful to the contestants.
  • ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ was not judged at all.
  • She questions the judging panel, especially presence of national director (Miss World Indonesia ND).

Miss World 2016 has always been a respected pageant. But this year the controversies are too huge to be ignored!

P.S. : – It is not possible on our end to confirm or deny the authenticity of this picture. 

Image Credits: Pageanthology101