Miss World 2016: 7 Improvement Suggestions

Miss World 2016

Miss World 2016 finale concluded 3 days back and this edition received a lot of positive reviews compared to past few years. The major reasons why we loved this year’s edition were listed in our article ’13 Things we liked about Miss World 2016′. However, like every coin have 2 sides, there were few things we feel Miss World can consider improving it next year or in future editions to enable audience enjoy the pageant more and pageant look more interesting. It is to be noted that these are just constructive criticism which are only intended to help Miss World improve their overall system. Let us have a look at these points.

1. Avoiding conflict of Interests: Miss World 2016 judging panel had National Director of Miss World Indonesia and Miss World Puerto Rico. While we might want to believe that they did their job with utmost integrity, there is no control mechanism to ensure that they were neutral or unbiased in giving out their scoring. The national director of Miss World Indonesia also judged Top Model event where Indonesia stood 3rd, which again became questionable by fans. We are sure the kind of reputation Miss World has, any A-listed celebrity would be ready to serve as a judge, then why to go for a current national director? Isn’t it unfair to ¬†other national directors? Isn’t it unfair to other contestants? It is the first and foremost thing that leads to breach in ‘Conflict of Interest’ of Code of Ethics. We wish this could be avoided in upcoming editions.


2. Bring Back Dances of the World: This was one of the most entertaining segment of the Miss World show. While we absolutely loved this year’s opening dance number, we would still want to see Dances of the World from contestants as this brings in a variety of different culture on a single stage. This was such a unique concept and we believe it should not be removed ever.Miss World 2016

3. Social Engagement: While we really appreciate the multimedia page concept of Miss World where every country has their own page where they promote daily activities, Miss World main page lacks this to become competitive with Miss Universe or even Miss Grand International this year. Before the Miss World contest started, the page likes were approx 2.6 millions and there isn’t any substantial difference in the amount of likes even after crowning. This is something they need to focus upon because social likes defines the dominance of the pageant to an extent and Miss World being the oldest, it is expected from them that they shall be running neck to neck with their strong rival Miss Universe, which currently have double the likes of Miss World.

4. Fan Voting to decide Sub-contest winners: This time we had 3 voting polls to decide the winners of 2 sub-contest, Talent and Multimedia and People’s Choice. While we may agree with people’s choice award, we feel it is senseless to leave decision of selecting the winner of Talent Round and Multimedia challenge because this will never enable girls coming from small countries to win as they don’t have sufficient population supporting them. These kind of activities should only be judged by a designated panel of judges than fan.

5. Having a proper schedule of activities for public view: Having a Proper schedule of activities is very important for any pageant [Read Why it is important?] otherwise fans remain so confused about which event shall happen when? It makes it less interesting to suddenly know results of an event than having known it’s specific date and time.

6. Having concrete round for competition in finale: Although we loved the Top 20 brief walk before cutting down to Top 10, we believe it wasn’t sufficient enough to give a proper judgement, as everything went so fast. How about having a proper evening gown round across the ramp, as such girls anyway wear evening gowns for finale. This will allow public see how well girls can carry themselves and also give enough time to judges to get proper impression of delegates before scoring them.

ad-display7. Fast Track¬†Videos for Public View: Now this could be a major view garner for Miss World, if they do it in a proper defined way. How if Top Model is telecast live on FB or at least delayed telecast on youtube? How if we see girls competing against each other in relay race, long jump, running race rather than just few random pictures? How about having uploaded all Beauty with a Purpose videos made available on youtube for public view before finale? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This will also help people remain more engaged and also tell us why certain girls did well in the finale because we can understand their personality through such rounds which we generally don’t get to watch.

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These are just few of our suggestions for improvement, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we still loved the show much more than previous editions. Do let us know if you have any suggestions in addition to what we listed.

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