Miss World 2016 Finals: 13 Things we liked about the show

Miss World 2016 ended with victory of Puerto Rico’s Stephanie De Valle in a grand finale in Washington D.C., the United States of America on 18th December 2016.  Overall the show was better than last year’s final show.  The girls received more attention/air-time compared to last year, which is appreciable.

Miss World 2016
The final show started with an energetic dance number. Megan Young and Jason Cook hosted the show.

Here are the things we particularly liked in the finals show.

  1. Introduction of contestants: The contestants were introduced in the pre-show itself saving time for the finals and we also liked the way it was done.
  2. Dance number: Who didn’t enjoy the amazing dance number at the beginning of the show! It was fun! It was energetic! A really entertaining start to the show, it was.
  3. Hosts: Jason Cook was a great host. Even Megan Young was likable.
  4. Less footage to Fast-Track events’ videos: Compared to recent years, the fast-track event videos were shown for lesser period of time which is really good.
  5. No leaderboard: The leader-board was scrapped this year and so are the numerous inconsistencies and controversies attached to the process.

    Miss World 2016
    Top 20 Round
  6. Top 20 Round: Top 20 quarter finalists did a quick walk for the judges and then Top 10 was announced. At least there was some round, though we would prefer a more elaborate evening gown competition for Top 20.
  7. New York Trip: Videos of contestants enjoying their tours in the USA were shown in the finals. Generally such videos are boring but the one showing New York was fun mainly due to the peppy song!
  8. Top 10 Round: Top 10 semi-finalists were interviewed by the host Megan Young. The interviews were short but it was nice to know them more.
  9. Final Round: The last round was conducted in a much better way this year. The contestants faced different questions.
  10. Selection of finalists: The selection of the finalists (Top 20, Top 10, Top 5) was in general pretty satisfying. Belgium was a big surprise to many but she was likable in the finals.

    Miss World 2016
    Miss Kenya
  11. Miss Kenya: In particular it was really nice to see Kenya succeed in the finals. The girl is stunning. She could have been a great winner too.
  12. Winner: It was bold of Miss World Organization to pick Puerto Rico as the winner. Catriona Gray of the Philippines was consistently a favourite in the pageant and did well in the finals. The support that she had on the internet and in the venue was huge. Still MWO went on to make the choice which they felt was best, without caring about the inevitable bashings that the pageant faces after finals.

    Miss World 2016
    Winner announcement
  13. Crowning moment: The winning reaction of Stephanie will be remembered for a really long time!  She was truly shocked and surprised.  Even the contestants received the announcement with joy.

Image: Miss World