Miss World 2016: If only she was there !!

Miss World pageant is always a special event for pageant followers.  Whether they love it or hate it, they do follow it with passion.  Miss World 2016 finally concluded with the victory of Puerto Rico’s Stephanie De Valle in the grand finals that were held on 18th of December 2016.  The victory was shocking for many because everyone expected front-runner Catriona Gray of Philippines to take it all, still she was kept out of Top 3.  As the hours are passing, more people are accepting the results and appreciating Stephanie for her success.  However, there are still questions which are unanswered.  Like every year, there were few popular contestants who were totally left out of the semifinals.  Some of them are contestants from Denmark, Fiji, South Africa, South Sudan, Botswana, Canada, Israel, Ukraine among others.  However, three girls in particular were missed the most.  The one who topped the list was Venezuela’s Diana Croce.

Diana Croce
Diana Croce with Osmel Souza

Venezuela is not placing in Miss World since many years.  Finally a separate pageant was held last year for election of Miss World Venezuela and yet the country clapped.  This year Diana Croce was chosen to represent.  She was 1st runner-up in Miss Venezuela 2016 and was sent to Miss World since the national pageant for Miss World venezuela could not be held due to financial crisis in the country.

Strengths of Diana: In opinion of pageant pandits, Diana Croce was a superb choice.  She has rich modelling experience and looks absolutely flawless.  She has been modelling since the age of 14 and has walked in Fashion Week of Mercedes Benz for two years consecutively.  She is tall and in great shape.  Her face has the ‘film actress beauty’ which Miss World is often said to be looking for.  She looks like a Barbie and reminds of former Miss World Jacqueline Aguilera from Venezuela.  She doesn’t speak English fluently but her interviews proved how charming she was as a person.  She didn’t place in any of the Fast Track events but she had everything one looks for in a Miss World winner.  She was in TGPC’s predictions for Miss World 2016 too.  But she wasn’t even selected among the semi-finals!

Theories about her exclusion: One theory that explains her exclusion can be that she was a runner-up and not a winner at her national pageant.  It is said that Miss World always prefers winners.  But still, is exclusion from semi-finals fair because of only that reason?  She didn’t make the cut in any fast-track event, but same is true for Miss World Puerto Rico as well.  We had a look at Miss World – Venezuela in Facebook and there is no update about the contest!  While disinterest in winning Multimedia is understood, not participating at all is not a good thing.  At the same time, we don’t see it as a reason strong enough to exclude such a good contender!  She deserved her moment of glory on the stage, no matter how short-lived.

Apart from Diana Croce, we also considered Miss Mexico Ana Girault and Miss Russia Yana Dobrovolskaya for being the focus of this article about the lady who we think faced the biggest injustice.  Ana Girault was popular because of her stunning physical beauty and extrovert personality.  However, some nude pictures were circulated on the internet few days ago and it is said that the lady in those pictures is Ana!  It is also rumored that Ana apologized for this to Miss World Organization although this may be just a rumor.  Perhaps this can be the reason why she was excluded from semifinals?  Yana Dobrovolskaya has a gorgeous face and her eyes are to die for.  However, those who meet her in person find her petite and reserved.

Let us hope we see these ladies, Diana Croce in particular, in some major international pageant in future!

Image credits: Miss World website