Stephanie Del Valle Diaz of Puerto Rico wins Miss World 2016

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party

Puerto Rico

Stunning Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico was crowned as the winner of Miss World 2016. The finale took place in MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States. She battled out other 116 contestants of Miss World to claim the title. Stephanie Del Valle was crowned by the outgoing queen Mireia Lalaguna of Spain. She was also one of our Top picks for the crown of Miss World.

Stephanie Del Valle Diaz is a model and 19 years of age.  Her height is 5 ft 11 inches.  Her eyes and hair are brown in color. She studies business administration in New York and speaks Spanish, English and French.

Miss World 2016 Full Result

Winner: Puerto Rico

1st Runner Up: Dominican Republic

2nd Runner-up: Indonesia

Finalists: Philippines, Kenya

Top 11

United States
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Mongolia (People’s Choice)

Top 20

Cooks Island
United States
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

Fast Track Winners

Beauty with a Purpose: Indonesia

Talent: Mongolia

Top Model: China

Sports: Cooks Island

Multimedia: Philippines

People’s Choice: Mongolia

Credits: Miss World Facebook Page



10 responses to “Stephanie Del Valle Diaz of Puerto Rico wins Miss World 2016

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  10. online pageant blogs should STOP promoting Indonesian queens. Their girls are not deserving and only pay their way to place. Look at the two years in a row where they placed at Miss World all because their ND was a judge in both instances. I blame Cat’s failure to get the crown or even crack the top 3 due to that ND. I mean how come Indonesia placed higher than Philippines? Don’t tell me because she’s the winner of BWAP. Catriona is in the Top 5 of BWAP also and placed in all other FT except Sports. I already smelled they are cooking something when two nights before, how Indonesia, a person with no model experience and has obviously weak pasarela skills could place in the Top 2 of Top Model? How come? Because her ND was a judge again! This is beyond evil. You should blog about that and expose their fault so Miss World will not repeat this blunder for the years to come. Miss World should be called out if they want to remain as a reputable organization. Otherwise, they will always be behind the shadows of Miss Universe. 😈

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