Bayartsetseg Altangerel from Mongolia wins ‘Miss Popularity’ by TGPC

Miss Mongolia: Bayartsetseg Altangerel

Miss World 2016 is about to be concluded today. The finale shall be conducted tonight in USA where beauties across the globe shall be battling out each other to claim the title of Miss World. We, at TGPC, conducted a poll for ‘Miss Popularity’ for the contest to know who is hot favourite of the audience to win the title. And the public have spoken, 41.41% of the audience wish to see Miss Mongolia-Bayartsetseg Altangerel as the new Miss World tonight. Trailing behind closely was beauty from Mongolia where as Miss Botswana was 3rd. Completing the Top 5 for Miss Popularity were Miss Puerto Rico and Miss France. The Top 20 of voting poll are as below:

Bayartsetseg Altangerel from Mongolia wins 'Miss Popularity' by TGPC

It is to be noted that Bayartsetseg Altangerel has won Talent Round and has secured a position in Top 20 already. She is also one of our Top picks to win the crown tonight. Even our Beauty Panel think that Miss Mongolia is one of the most beautiful contestant ever sent to Miss World from Mongolia [Read Here]. We won’t be surprised at all to see her winning. The competition is tough and it could be anybody’s game. Do you think Mongolia is winning tonight? Do let us know.

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