Indonesia: The rising star in Miss World!

Miss World Indonesia winners
Miss World Indonesia winners 2011-2016

Global pageantry has seen many countries gradually waking up and achieving enormous success over the years.  While Venezuela has always been doing well, India was particularly successful in 90s and since few years, Philippines is giving some serious challenge to Venezuela for the position of the top pageant country of the world.  There is one more Asian country which is gradually raising it’s head and gaining momentum.  And that country is Indonesia.

Indonesia’s success can be largely attributed to excellent choices of winners in national pageants.  The national pageant is conducted early in the year so the winner gets a lot of time to prepare herself and work on her Beauty With a Purpose project.  Indonesian representatives in the recent years have been sedulous ladies and the world is taking a note.

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While Indonesia is consistently placing in Top 15 of Miss Universe since 2013, the achievements of the country in Miss World cannot be neglected.  Miss World Indonesia pageant started sending contestants to Miss World since 2006.  It took few years for the pageant to get a grip and now it is on a roll!

The first major success of Indonesia was Top 5 placement achieved by Kamidia Radisti in Beauty With a Purpose segment of Miss World 2007.

The first placement of Miss World Indonesia in Miss World was achieved by Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi.  She won ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ and finished in Top 11 of Talent competition.  She was Top 15 finalist in Miss World 2011.  She started a chain of placements which is yet to be broken.

In 2012, Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra made it to Top 15.  She was 3rd runner-up in Beauty With A Purpose.

In 2013, Indonesia hosted the Miss World pageant.  Vania Larissa Tan that year made it to the Top 10 by winning Talent round and making it to the Top 11 of Beach Beauty.

In 2014, Indonesia was Top 25 finalist by winning Beauty With a Purpose for the second time!  Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng was one of the 5 winners.

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In 2015, Maria Harfanti achieved the highest placement for Indonesia up to date.  She was 2nd runner-up to Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna of Spain!  She won Beauty With a Purpose and was among the Top 13 finalists of Talent competition.

This year Miss Indonesia Natasha Mannuela surprised the world by achieving the 1st runner-up spot in Miss World 2016 Top Model.  People are raving about her amazing Beauty With a Purpose project so we won’t be surprised if she wins the competition again!  If that happens, Indonesia may just achieve a Top 5 placement in the greatest pageant of the world for second year in a row.

Cheers to Indonesian queens and the teams behind their successes!