Miss World Malta 2016: A Girl to watch out at Miss World 2016 finale

Miss World 2016 is just one day away from its finale and we all are so confused predicting the Top 20. Why? Because the organisation revealed Top 5 for Top Model fast track and it left us extremely surprised because the list has none of the hot favourites. So logically, this contest is wide open for everybody now and since there is a rumour that no leader board will be there this year, we shall a lot of girls who do well in interview than girls who does consistently well in all fast track.

Anthea Zammit Miss World Malta 2016While we all have one or the other favourite, there is one girl who often catches our attention in various events in tasks. She is none other than Anthea Zammit from Malta. So why do we think she is special? Well, generally there is always one or two girls at every pageant who performs silently in the contest yet generally gets overlooked by fans till the finale and then they just kill it in the finale. We feel Anthea Zammit might be one of them. The reasons we feel this are:

Anthea Zammit Miss World Malta 2016

  1. Anthea’s unique beauty instantly grabs your attention, thanks to those lovely curly hair. Whenever she is there in a group, you can easily spot her out because she stands out. She was also one of the best looking girls at MGM Filming party.
  2. If you have seen the introduction of Miss Malta, you would realise that this girl speaks with heart and has a captivating personality. We don’t say she is the best speaker, but she speaks from the heart and you can easily make this out. This is something Miss World organisation likes as per our observation.

    3. Anthea Zammit is a performer. Yes, she is one of the Top 10 at Talent Round and a 3rd runner-up at Sports Round. This speaks volume because very few girls have made it to 2 fast track events, and Malta is one of them.        Her dance at talent round was an art. She says it was inspired by a girl she met. Few of our internal sources also       said that Miss Malta is also one of the Beauty with a Purpose round finalists (but we don’t have confirmation yet).


Malta has never won Miss World. In fact, Malta has placed in the finale only once in 1969 in Top 15. What amazes us the most is that Malta never made it to any fast track until this year when Anthea put Malta to everyone’s notice by placing in 2 fast track till now. We feel most probably she will place in the finale and if she does, she will give Malta a reason to celebrate with joy as she will only be the second woman in the history of Malta to place at Miss World. We would be glad to see her placing high in the finale. Would you? Do tell us in comment section.

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Picture Credits: Miss World Malta Facebook Page