Rumoured format of Miss World 2016 finals !!

Miss World contestants pose on stage during the finals of Miss World 2011 at Earl's Court in London, on November 6, 2011. The glitz and glamour of Miss World returns to its British home to celebrate the global beauty contest's 60th birthday. A record 122 beauty queens from Albania to Zimbabwe take part in the pageant, which will be broadcast live to more than 150 countries.  AFP PHOTO/BEN STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)
Contestants pose on stage during the finals of Miss World 2011. (Photo credit – BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

As per sources, the format of the Miss World 2016 finals will be as follows.

  1. Show begins with an opening number
  2. Announcement of the 5 fast-track events’ winners (Multimedia, BWAP, Sports, Talent, Top Model)
  3. Announcement of the Top 20 semi-finalists (5 fast-track winners and 15 semi-finalists based on interview scores)
  4. Evening gown competition for the Top 20 semi-finalists
  5. Announcement of the Top 10 finalists
  6. Announcement of People’s Choice Award winner; she joins the Top 10 (if already not part of it)
  7. Showcase of the profile videos of Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists
  8. Question-answers round for the Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists
  9. Announcement of the Top 5 finalists
  10. Top 5 finalists give answer to question, “Why do you want to be the new Miss World?”
  11. Announcement of the final results

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Please note that this information is not 100 % confirmed.  We will know the actual format only in the finals, since Miss World Organization has not made any formal announcement in the matter till now.

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If the format mentioned above is 100 % accurate, this is a great news. This format is much better than the format of the recent years.  There is actual element of competition.  The girls get more opportunities to talk on the stage.  There can be more logic to the selection of Top 10 from Top 20 and Top 5 from Top 10.  We applaud Miss World Organization for bringing positive changes after listening to viewers’ feedback.