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Why Catriona Gray must win Miss World 2016?

Within less than 3 days, we shall know who is our Miss World 2016. While fans across the world are busy predicting who has highest chance to win the elusive crown of Miss World 2016, the team of TGPC feels that it is high time that Miss World should give the crown to Catriona Gray of Philippines. Now many might agree and many might disagree, but it took us a lot of discussion where our panel felt that Catriona would be a perfect crown holder of Miss World this year. Let’s have a look on why our team think so?

Why Catriona Gray must win Miss World 2016?

Universally Accepted Beauty:

Why Catriona Gray must win Miss World 2016?

The facial features of Catriona is so harmonious that it has an universal appeal. No matter what part of the world you are from, you will always call Catriona a beautiful girl, just like we say for super beauties Aishwarya Rai and Ksenia Sukhinova. She is tall, she is lean and she has flawless skin. Her beauty is still in growing mode, so she has potential to blossom for at least next 2-3 years and become even more beautiful. Besides, we need a Miss World whom we recall as one of the most beautiful Miss World after a decade, which we see it happening in case of Catriona Gray very easily.

Classy Styling:

Why Catriona Gray must win Miss World 2016?

Many has often claimed that Catriona is trying to channelise Megan’s styling but we feel it is smart of her doing that because that’s how her most beautiful features comes into visibility. Her styling has always been impressive till date, and every time we see her, she gives us a feeling like a young Queen. She is what Britishers call Regal and Royal. Just imagine Catriona making appearances as a Miss World in events, all eyes would be on her, isn’t it? What else do you need in an ambassador.

Charming Personality:


Catriona is one such beauty queen who is good in pictures as well as motion. Have you seen her speaking? Well, if you have, we are sure you wouldn’t stop loving her to the core. She is such a smart girl and a genuine person who speaks from the heart. Moreover, when she speaks, she radiates so much of positivity that you feel like adoring her all the while. You certainly can’t get bored of her.

Humble and down to earth attitude:

If sources are to be believed, Miss Philippines is one of the most well mannered and down to earth contestants this year. She mixes up very well with all the contestants and speaks very sweet. In fact, many of the girls already love her and is touted as one of the major crown contender by them. This is very rare that you are extremely beautiful and yet your co-contestants love you can consider you as a real contender.

Celebrity Status encashment for Miss World:

Why Catriona Gray must win Miss World 2016?

Catriona has worked as a TV Host and is also a part time model and singer. She already has a huge fan following from her nation, so crowning her is like gathering the fan following from all those followers of Catriona, which is like a win win situation because they are getting a good winner as well as her fans. What is there to think people? What is there to think?

Do you agree with our opinion? Do let us know in comment section.

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  1. Gwapa gyud kaayo c catriona gray…intelhente pa.
    Imposible kong dili cya ang ma rayna….

    Fr.Roy M.Daabay
    Greenfields Subdivision
    Casisang 8700
    Malaybalay City

    M to F sex reassignment surgery transwoman….Osaka Japan….

  2. One thing not mentioned in this article is that Ms. Philippines has one of the best BWAP project. There she tackles one of the biggest issues in the world which is Poverty and creates a sustainable solution. Other candidates may also excell in other aspect but there is no other candidate who’s a total package like Catriona Gray- beautiful inside and out.

  3. I am in favor for Catriona to win but sometimes one also needs LUCK aside from all those good qualities that one has……..If it’s her destiny, then she will win…………God Bless whoever wins the MW2016…..

  4. Yes Catriona Gray is down to earth inspite of being only child she grow up …With manners and simple person …She loves her parents so wuch….And she got everything that MWO need ,she can host,do sports ,dancing ,acting,smart ,and easy to be with and giving a nice voice ,she can sing and many children’s really like her….Congratulations in advance Catriona we love you here from UK

  5. Catriona is a wonderful young woman. But why she must win MW? Universally accepted harmonious features can’t be a reason for that, if you talk about beauty we have Mexico, Ukraine, Venezuela, France and many more. Beauty isn’t just picture perfect portrait, it’s in little nuances that makes a person interesting as well. Catriona is a dazzling beauty, but we can’t miss others, certainly not in beauty department, and they’ve impeccable styling too. Catriona does seem sweet and humble, but kinda robotic as well. I don’t know if she is putting it on for the contest maybe due to pressure to be perfect, i hope that’s not the case. About the celebrity status, Priyanka Chopra wasn’t a celebrity and look she is making MW proud everywhere. Filipino queens always have huge fan following, and Megan has already brought them to MW. It is such great batch this year, I am in love with so many girls like Mongolia, Mexico, Russia, India etc., Catriona too, right from when she was chosen. It will be ok if any of them wins, we can only hope that the girl which is the best wins, irrespective of any favouritism and I think i can expect this from Miss World O.

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