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Miss World 2016: Who stood out in MGM Filming Party?

Miss World 2016 is about to be concluded in 3 days and we are curiously awaiting who will that girl be to wear the blue crown. While contestants are busy practising for the finale, Miss World Organisation kept an MGM Filming party where all the contestants wore the best of their dress and we must appreciate the fact that contestants looked extremely beautiful in those stunning dresses. However, there were few girls who stood out easily and gave us the winner vibes. Lets have a look who are they.

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Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Brazil: Brazil looked regal and her styling portrayed her as a classy woman which generally MWO loves

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Denmark: Denmark’s eyes and face was enough for us to keep her in our pick. Such a pleasant face.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


France: The black barbie of the pageant styled herself well and we totally love her hairstyle

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


India: India gives us a feeling of being winner. Someone photo-shopped India’s head with MW crown and it looked so perfect that it was very difficult to believe that it wasn’t a real pic. She gives very radiant vibes.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Mexico: We didn’t like the dress much but Ana just nailed the shot. She looks very lovely here.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Malta: She is one girl who is yet not very much noticed by fans but she is killing it silently. Be ready to see Malta placing this year. Her gown suited her very well.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Mongolia: This Asian goddess never fails to impress us. We hope she wears this gown in finale, because if she wins, this would be the perfect match for the crown.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Nicaragua: That gown with that hairstyle, Nicaragua you just killed it. Perfect styling.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland’s gown looks an expensive version of Sherri Hill dress. Loved the colour and pattern.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Russia: That FACE <3 <3 <3. Russia is pure bliss in the competition. You can’t just ignore her.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico looked lovely in the dress (if you have seen full version). Her smile is infectious.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Slovakia: She looks like a hollywood star in that plain white dress accessorised with a beautiful pair of earrings. That messy hairstyle is totally one.

Miss World 2016 MGM Filming Party


Venezuela: Did someone just say Jacqueline Aguilera? Yes, she reminds us of her a lot. She looked like a beautiful rose rising out of her petals. We won’t be surprised to see her placing in the finale after 4 years of shocking non placement in finale.

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Credits: Miss World Facebook Page.

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  1. Come on Malta !!!! You can do this ! Go Girl !!!! It will be the first time in 50 years !!!! We can do it xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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