Tatiana Kumar, Miss World Malaysia, reveals shocking truth!!

Tatiana Kumar Miss World Malaysia
Credits: Tatiana Kumar on Facebook

Miss World 2016 is about to end and in very short period of time, the name of the new Miss World will be known to the world.  One of the important aspects of the competition is Multimedia challenge.  However, there is one contestant who is yet to do anything concrete in the challenge.  She is Miss World Malaysia 2016 Tatiana Nandha Kumar.  On receiving feedback from online followers about poor posting on ‘Miss World – Malaysia’ Facebook page, Tatiana posted something shocking on her personal Facebook page.  Here it is –

I would like to say to those asking me why I never post on the official Miss world Malaysia page, the one that the Miss World Organisation judges for our multimedia award, that I am still not the admin of my own page, therefore I can’t post anything directly. I know that the only thing done with that page at the moment is ‘sharing’ my posts, miss World’s posts and other contestants posts. I hope this changes as soon as possible because it has already been 2 weeks of competition and I have posted absolutely nothing on that page ..
Thank you for understanding
Lots of love
Tatiana Kumar

This is not the first time trouble is sensed between Tatiana and the national director of Miss World Malaysia.  When Tatiana flew to the USA, she posted a gratitude message to her father on Facebook.  The national director was unhappy for not being acknowledged and later on revealed screenshots where Tatiana apologised to her, mentioning her father as responsible for the Facebook post.  The national director also accused Tatiana of not being co-operative during her reign.

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Tatiana Kumar is one of the strong contestants in Miss World 2016.  However, every contestant needs backing from the national organization.  Will these controversies work again Tatiana?