Miss Universe 2016: Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

One more month to go and we shall be seeing the bevy of beauties gathering in the Philippines to compete for one of the grandest crowns in pageantry, Miss Universe 2016. People across the globe are speculating that this year it will be one of the most memorable editions of Miss Universe because the pageant crazy nation of the Philippines is hosting it after 22 years and the current Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach is also from Philippines. Miss Universe Organisation called 11 girls to the venue for promotional activities and we could get a bit of a closer look at least to those girls. Our team analysed all the contestants selected so far and arrived at 15 girls who we thought have a strong chance to make it to the finalist during the contest. Remember, this is just a pre-arrival hot-picks and our prediction might change once we see all the girls battling out each other in the actual contest coming January. Let us have a look at those 15 girls whom our team loved.

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Miss Universe 2016 Pre-arrival Hotpicks

Miss Universe 2016: Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

As on moment, it looks like a very very tough competition between Chalita Suansane of Thailand, Raissa Santana of Brazil and Andrea Tovar of Colombia. However, our team felt that Chalita would be the best pick as on moment considering the fact that she is extremely exotic and one of the best Miss Thailand till now. Also, considering the fact Thailand has a huge support this year from fans across the globe, she would be one girl to watch out for. Brazil comes second in our pick as she is equally exotic and would be one of the best look Miss Universe if she wins. Colombia is another killer who is all set to win the crown of Miss Universe 2016 after an almost win of Ariadna Guitterez for Miss Universe 2015. She is a performer and bombshell who will won the stage once she is on the ramp. After a Top 10 finish last year, Curacao is back in the game with stunner like Chanelle de Lau. She is a treat to watch in photographs. Finally, Deshauna Barber from USA completes our Top 5 list. Now many people might not be convinced with her as one of the Top 5 but do watch out. She is one strong personality out there in the bunch.

In our Top 10, we have Maxine Medina from Philippines who is a host delegate and will be trying for a back to back this year. We are sure she will get the best resources this year compared  to all other Miss Philippines in past. Next we have, pageant veteran Cristal Silva from Mexico who was one of the Top 8 in Miss Earth 2013. Caris Tiivel of Australia is our next in line pick because Australia is one of the most performers in past few years and this year’s representative is no exception. She is just lovely girl who might go as high as Top 3. Alena Spodynyuk of Ukraine is next in line who is one of the most beautiful faces of the pageant and has a potential to penetrate Top 5 on the basis of her face alone. Finally, Mariam Habach of Venezuela completes our Top 10. Her preparation for the contest and her transformation speaks volume about how serious she is about the contest.


Puerto Rico, India, Indonesia, Peru and Japan are the girls who made it to our Top 15 list. Puerto Rico was a runner-up and has got the right  to represent country after a lot of controversy. She has a story and that might work well, beside she is lovely. Roshmitha Harimurthy from India is another girl to watch out; she is full on personality and her transformation from her crowning day has been amazing. Kezia Warouw from Indonesia is another girl to watch out as Indonesia has been doing extremely well in all the pageants off lately. Peru and Japan are two girls who are not in radar of everyone but we feel they might just swoop in as they have universal appeal and also are impressive in their recent appearances.

Is your favourite one of our Top 15 picks? Tell us who do you want to win the contest?