THEN AND NOW: Check out how Miss World 2006 winners look after a decade of winning

Miss World 2006
Top: Picture from Miss World 2006; Bottom: Recent pictures of Top 3

In about a month from now, we will know the winners of Miss World 2016 title.  Although there are some really strong contestants, there is no major favourite this year again.  Last time it happened was in 2014 when Rolene Strauss of South Africa was the clear winner even before the Miss World pageant begun.  Like this year, in 2006 too there was no clear favourite for Miss World 2006 title.  Most fans considered Karla Jiménez of Mexico and Federica Guzman as their best bets before the pageant begun.  But as the events progressed, newer favourites begun to emerge!  Miss Australia Sabrina Houssami won hearts with her excellent communication skills and impeccable confidence.  Misses India, Venezuela and Czech Republic climbed up the charts after Beach Beauty contest.  Unfortunately Australia did not make it to Top 25 of Beach Beauty, else she would have emerged out at the ultimate choice of everyone.

In the finals, Taťána Kuchařová won Miss World 2006 title.  She looked like a doll!  Miss Romania Ioana Boitor achieved surprise success by finishing 2nd.  Miss Australia had to suffice with the third place.  Years have passed and yet the three beauties look gorgeous even today.  Sabrina Houssami works in Human Resources at a private company in Sydney, Australia.  She is recently married.  Taťána Kuchařová achieved second place in the Czech version of Dancing with the Stars in 2013 and is still actively pursuing social work.  Not much is known about the recent activities of Ionana Boitor though.

Image Credits: The three mentioned beauty queens on Facebook