[Survey Result]: 74% audience says Ariska Putri Pertiwi, MGI 2016, is their favourite October 2016 Queen


As per the recent poll conducted by TGPC, on 3rd November 2016, regarding who is their favourite October 2016 Queen out of the following 4 Queens crowned during October 2016 period:

  1. Heilymar Velazquez from Puerto Rico won Miss Intercontinental 2016 in Sri Lanka
  2. Ariska Putri from Indonesia won Miss Grand International 2016 in USA
  3. Kylie Verzosa from Philippines won Miss International 2016 in Japan
  4. Kathrine Espin from Ecuador won Miss Earth 2016 in Philippines

As per the poll results, 73.9% audience have to say that Ariska Putri, Miss Grand International 2016 winner, is the best winner of October. She was in the lead from the beginning and could maintain her lead till the end. Check out the poll result as below:

Miss Grand International 2017 Voting

The poll shows that Miss Earth and Miss International winners were second preferred, however the margin was too big between Ariska and the other two girls. Miss Intercontinental winner was least preferred by the audience. What do you have to say about the audiences’ choice? Do you also believe that Ariska is the best winner of October 2016? Do let us know in the comment section.