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5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

If you are planning to participate into national pageants of your country that sends representatives to pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Grand, Miss  Supranational, Miss International etc, you should try focusing on following points before you participate into the respective national pageants. These points might help you to performer better and edge out your competitors.

1. Do enough research in Pageants before participating

5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

We are in a digital age where people read a lot and pageantry is no virgin field anymore, as it used to be back in 90’s and before. Now every girl who participates has a ‘Dream’ to win that pageant since childhood. Hence, I am sure most girls who participate are going to have enough knowledge about who were the past winners and what are they upto and how they won; success stories etc. So if you happen to become the shortlisted girl of that pageant, all the girls (may be even organisers) shall be discussing these things into lengths. Am sure you don’t want to look the odd one out whole such discussions are going and then fall asleep out of boredom. Brush up your senses enough that you have confidence to make conversation 2 ways when the topic of pageant comes.

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2. Gather a good amount of supporters

5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

The drawback of digital age is that now almost all the organisation keeps online polls and voting for electing favourite candidates for some subtitle. Although, this doesn’t mean that the girl with highest votes will be the winner but the fact that the organisation might want to pick up the girl who is at least noticeable in the crowd through the supporters’ votes. Just imagine you are one of the 20 girls selected for the pageant and other girls receives 1000s of votes and you get merely 27 votes? Won’t you feel demotivated? Hence having decent amount of support is vital. You may ask your family and friends to actively support you and alternatively you may join pageant communities and portal to get similar kind of minds who may create hype for you when you go for the competition.

3. Be Socially Active

5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

Being socially active have it’s own benefits in one or the other way. Being socially active attracts the attention of people from your friend lists as well as their friends. This will also help you to gather supporters, as mentioned in Point.2 Moreover, if you are one of those girls who receives above average likes even for normal pictures, we suggest you to create a fan page. Any pageant would get impressed by a girl who is actively posting on social media. They see her as an asset who could be a good brand ambassador for their pageant. It doesn’t mean that you desperately post any random things. Be simple but be effective.

4. Participate in local or minor pageants before going for national pageant

5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

We suggest you to participate in as many pageant as you can at regional or local levels pageants before you appear in national pageant. There first and foremost reason is that you get a first hand experience on how things goes in back end and you also learn to deal with the stage pressure and facing people and if you win, it will always be an addon to what you get from this local pageant.  Apart from this, you will meet many people who will be from this industry and may provide you guidance and contacts. This can take you one step closer to your crown. Moreover, these pageants might help you get a small amount of fame and supporters. Don’t go for minor national pageants which bind you in contracts that forbid you to participate in to pageant of your choice, if major pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World are your first choices.

5. Join a Pageant Grooming Course

5 MUST do things before participating in a National Pageant

Time and again, we say this. No matter how good you are at things, we seriously suggest you to enrol yourself in to a pageant grooming coaching institute before you go for a major pageant. The main reason is that the mentors will help you realise your flaws and make you overcome them, which you might not notice otherwise. Gone are the days when pageant coaching institutes used to be costly. Go for it. If you want suggestion, you may contact us for guidance on this point.

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