Loren Mar Artajos is appointed as Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Loren Mar Artajos
Image Credit: Loren Mar Artajos on Facebook

Loren Mar Artajos of Laoag City has been chosen as Miss Philippines Earth 2016.  She replaces Imelda Schweighart, since Imelda resigned from her duties.  The controversies surrounding Imelda before and during Miss Earth 2016 are said to be the reason of her resignation.  Loren Mar Artajos was crowned as Miss Philippines Earth Water 2016.  Before Loren, Kiara Giel Gregorio (Miss Earth Water 2016) was offered the title but she declined the same due to her law school commitments in London.

Assuming the title of Miss Philippines Earth at this stage has it’s own pros and cons.  The first pro is that she will now b remembered in history at Miss Philippines Earth 2016.  Opportunities may land up to her due to her newly acquired fame.  She will get the privilege and respect that Miss Philippines Earth winner enjoys in her country.  She may have to fulfil duties of Miss Philippines Earth by being part of activities related to environmental conservation.  The con is that she will not get the chance to go to Miss Earth since Miss Earth 2016 is over.  Whether a contract binds her from participation in other national pageants is not known yet.  In any case, Loren has accepted the new title and she will be enjoying the accompanying limelight for a good amount of time.

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