Lu Parker, Miss USA 1994, is arrested for “Petty Theft”

Lu Parker Miss USA

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Lu Parker (Full name: Frances Louise Parker), Miss USA 1994, was arrested on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 after she was accused by a passenger of stealing headphones.  44 years old Lu Parker was Top 6 Finalist in Miss Universe 1994, which was won by Sushmita Sen of India in Manila, Philippines in May 1994.  Lu is currently a News Anchor on KTLA 5 News and a well-known animal rights activist.

Here is what exactly happened.  One of the passengers on Los Angeles International Airport lost the headphones after security screening on Terminal 6 of the airport and reported the matter to authorities.  Authorities checked the security video and found that Lu Parker picked up the headphones.  She was removed from the flight immediately and arrested for theft.  It is said that she intended to hand over the headphones to the owner with whom she chatted while in queue earlier.  However, later she could not find the person.  Since the boarding time was about to be over, she got into the plane carrying the headphones with herself.  Lu, who was taking a flight to Kentucky to visit her ill father, was arrested for the theft and is co-operating with the authorities as per KTLA.  KTLA further claims it to be a case of misunderstanding.



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