[Vote Now] Battle of October Queens: Who is your favourite?

October 2016 had really been a very busy month for all the pageant followers as we got our 4 new queens from 4 international pageants as below:

October 2016 Queens

  1. Heilymar Velazquez from Puerto Rico won Miss Intercontinental 2016 in Sri Lanka
  2. Ariska Putri from Indonesia won Miss Grand International 2016 in USA
  3. Kylie Verzosa from Philippines won Miss International 2016 in Japan
  4. Kathrine Espin from Ecuador won Miss Earth 2016 in Philippines

While all of them deserved to win their respective contest, our team has following insights on each on of them about why they stood out in their batch:

Miss Intercontinental 2016

Heilymar was a front runner from the beginning itself to win the contest. Moreover, her killer body and exotic look were too seductive. When we saw her in finale, we almost saw her wearing the crown in the end, and it happened. She is stunning beauty and it’s refreshing that a woman of colour started the win in October. You will simply love her features.

Miss Grand International 2016

Not many thought that Ariska would win, but when we saw her Javan Hawk evening gown we almost predicted her win [Read Here] before finale. Honestly, she completely outshone everyone in the finale through her styling. It was also very refreshing to see a country like Indonesia, who didn’t take pageants seriously few years back, winning a noticeable international crown.

Miss International 2016

If a girl is wearing a sash of Philippines, we expect a class delegate and Kylie was all about class. In her national pageant as well, she was expected to take home the main crown, but destiny had her the Miss International crown. Kylie was flawless in finale and her speech received a huge acclamation from people. Her win was quite convincing. Our internal sources mentioned that Kylie was very well mannered girl, like most Miss Philippines.

Miss Earth 2016

Although a lot of controversies surrounded the win of Miss Ecuador, we can’t deny the fact that Kathrine outshone other delegates in pre-pageant activities where she won the highest numbers of medals. Moreover, when she appeared in her yellow finale gown, people thought that she had the crown in her bag.

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