[Analysis] Will Ecuador go unplaced at Miss Earth 2016?

Katherine Espin

There is a hot buzz that Miss Earth Ecuador 2016, Katherine Espin, will go unplace this year at Miss Earth.

Do we know she won’t place? No we don’t.

Do we feel it she won’t place? No we don’t.

Do we think she should not place? No we don’t.

Then why do we say so? Well we don’t say this. The statistic says that. The trend says that. Don’t believe? Here you go.

The leader-board system of Medal Table came into picture from 2012 onward. Many claimed that it was a poor copy of Miss World Score Leader board which used to decide the placements of finalist. However, very soon did people realise that it was completely a different concept. There was no importance of point table or may be negligible impact in deciding the finalists. The data says that the girls earning the maximum medals or noticeable number of medals being hot favourite has gone unplaced in past 4 years. Moreover, those girls were also the girls who were hot favourite, not the underdogs, so it was very difficult to understand what exactly went wrong. Many said it was ‘No Make-Up’ round that led to non placement of those front runners or the chaperones gave bad review about girls’ attitude and what not. But nothing have been very open till now. Let’s have a look at the placement records of past girls who topped medal table in past years.

2012- Ilknur Melis Durasi, Turkey

Although Ilknur was not the leader of the medal tables, she was second in the position with 6 medals with 3 gold medals in tasks. Many thought she would be a shoo in for Top 4 position. However, she was left out in dark beating dust when the finalists were revealed in finale. It was painful to see her not even place.

2013- Sobhita Duhipala, India

Again, Sobhita wasn’t the medal board topper but she was a hot favourite. She won 2 gold medals in Miss Photogenic and Miss Eco Beauty, both of which were chosen by online voting. The problem here was that she had a strong personality yet she was expelled from the finals, in spite of having a very strong Eco Beauty video.

2014- Alankrita Sahai, India

Alankrita was again one of the strongest bets with 6 medals in the competition. Many though she might just win India’s second Miss Earth crown. But again people were left in shock seeing her out of the competition in finale. It was very difficult to understand her exclusion because she had strong interview skills and had a good behaviour track record. Just no make up round seems an undigestible factor as a reason.

2015: Carmen Jaramillo, Panama & Sara Guerrero, Guatemala

Both the girls were hot favourite to make it to the finals, and Panama was even expected to win the contest. Panama had 5 medals and Guatemala had 6 medals yet both clapped in the finale. Was their placement justified? We doubt. It was beyond explanation for Panama at least. She was a stunner.

Coming to Ecuador this year, she has already won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. She is leading the table as of now. Considering the fact that she is a hot favourite and she is also leading the medal table, do you think the curse of non placement will continue for her as well? We just hope she places and does well in the finale.