Arna Yr, Miss Iceland, slams Miss Grand International & Leaves the pageant

Arna Yr, Miss Iceland, slams Miss Grand International & Leaves the pageant
Source: Arna Yr on Facebook

In a shocking turn of events, Miss Iceland Arna Yr has left Miss Grand International 2016 pageant just 2 days before the finals.  As per reports, the organizer of the pageant Mr. Nawat had asked her to lose fat before finals.  She later made a video saying that the reports are false.

Before leaving, she left a note in Icelandic on her Facebook profile, along with her picture in a swimsuit.

Screenshot of Arna's status update on Facebook
Screenshot of Arna’s status update on Facebook

Here is the English translation (using Google Translate) of the note:-

I’m going to stand up for myself, all the women and the Icelandic nation.  I’m not going to let me say that I have too much fat externally me to be cool on stage.  

I stopped. I’m not a range of beauty contest Miss Grand International.  Lovely people contacted me who is going to bring me home in the morning, I left the hotel and the price the rest of the night.  

I left a letter to the owner and explained how ridiculous this is a message.

“If you are going to do an international beauty pageant you at least have to be Able to see the international beauty” I said to the owner of the competition.

This was not a misunderstanding but I was told to say that I’m terribly sorry.

Thanks so much for your support! I go home as a winner and proud Icelander most in the world.

P.S. Pins placed on the shelf! ???

This is a rare case where a contestant leaves a major international pageant midway in such circumstances.  Arna Yr is getting appreciation and support from many for her bold move.