Indian Princess 2016 Hotpicks: TGPC’s Pick for the Crown

Indian Princess 2016 Contest shall conclude tomorrow by crowning their winner in Dubai. Meanwhile, our experts went through the profile of girls and picked up Top 10 based on what we have seen so far. Although, this is just a subject analysis and the result might differ then what we are keeping. Let’s see who made it to our Top 10 choices of the crown, in alphabetical order. One of these girls might win the crown tomorrow. Indian Princess 2016 HotpicksAanchal Bajwa: Aanchal Bajwa is a well spoken lady. Her poise and mannerism is good as well. She should be there in Top 5 easily as far as we believe in her potential.

Damanpreet Brar: This Punjabi kudi is a woman of strong personality. She knows what will work well for her and she is utilising every opportunity provided by Indian Princess so far. This might work in her favour.

Deesha Mamman: One of the most favoured delegates by public for this season. Her modelesque body frame is an addition to basic qualities of a beauty queen.

Divya Agarwal: A ‘Hot Lady’ is the term for her. We just loved her hair. She reminds us of Indrani Das Gupta+Kangana Ranaut with this hair.

Gurusha Gandhi: One of the sweetest girls of this pageant. The aura she emits is so positive and bubbly. This is the kind of girl that generally Indian Princess prefers. She should most probably be there in Top 3.

Ishita Sood: Stunning print model with strong features, Ishita is just a high package addition to this pageant. It would be interesting to see whether this model will also be the beauty queen tomorrow?

Jasleen Kaur: Natually beautiful Punjabi kudi, Jasleen is one of the best faces here. However, we would want to see her more in variant styling to assess her potential for international pageant. But she should be making to Top 10.

Kiran Khokhar: Beauty and Beauty is the right term for Kiran. She is simply a stunning woman who is here to win it. We would love to see her in Top 5 at least tomorrow.

Priya Ninawe: Priya is a silent killer here. Not much have noticed her before, but through multiple pictures we have seen so far from Indian Princess Facebook page, we could observe that she stands out easily.

Simran Kaur: A lady of class is the first term that we think when we see Simran. A beauty with smartness is what all we expect from her. She should also be there in Top 5 from our assessment.

Did we miss your favourite in our Top 10? Who is she? Do let us know.