Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 14, Finale 2 [Miss TGPC Elite 2016]


Excitement!  Yes, that is our feeling right now because within two days we will know the winner of the first edition of Miss TGPC.  And if this much was not enough, we have one more big reason.  Tonight we will know the winner of Miss TGPC Elite 2016!  The winner gets a direct entry in the contestants list of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2016.  She is chosen by TGPC Elite Panel, a group of prominent members from The Great Pageant Community Facebook Group.  The Panel has made it’s decisions and here are the results!

Miss TGPC Elite 2016, Results


Here are the rankings of TGPC Elite Panel along with the comments of panel members.

7th Place: Ananya Tripathi

  • “Love her bubbly nature!” – Farhan Akhtar
  • “The best part about her is that she grew in each and every episode. The way she was at the start of the competition and now what she is – if anyone will look at it, he will definitely come to know how well she has transformed herself.  Keep up the good work.” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “She was good, her interview was really nice.” – Bhavika Manghwani

5th Place: Chinkey Saini (TIED)

  • “I liked her Party Wear round performance. She’s improving day by day. Her interview was inaudible, but I found her to be natural with a beautiful smile on her face .” – Abu Pame
  • “Confidently Beautiful is for her. She knows her strengths.” – Nehal Chudasama
  • “She is a great speaker throughout the pageant.  She is a consistent contestant.” Dennis Hayden

5th Place: Supreeya C (TIED)

  • “Supreeya never caught my eye until I saw her in the complete video.  She is one of the most beautiful girl here.  With right amount of confidence she could reach heights.Her answers were genuine and crisp.” – Ohanna Mallik
  • “Good walk! Great going!” – Farhan Akhtar
  • “Beautiful girl, but she needs more confidence. She did well in Party Wear round. Honestly, I didn’t like her in Style Icon round. She speaks very well, and I liked her answer about reservation issue .” – Abu Pame

4th Place: Priyanka Bharti

  • “Overall great performance and great progress.” – Ritika Pal
  • “One of the most beautiful faces in the batch.” – Hemanth Macha
  • “She is the most consistent performer.  She is like the jack of all trades, but master of none.  Her interview video amazed me. She has become so confident compared to her live chat!” – Ariangel Isshika

3rd Place: Weenie Shayo

  • “Being the only non-Indian contestant, a pat on her back to come this far.  I wish she would have added some more energy in her walk. Her interview is one of the best and very genuine.  She gives Kaci Fennell vibes.” – Ariangel Isshika
  • “She always impresses me with her effortless looks and the way she carries herself… very calm and composed… Loved all her answers in the interview section.  Her answers had the sincerity and genuineness.  She reminds me of famous supermodel Waris Dirie.  I hope that I will see her on an international level someday.” – Rimzenith Tamang
  • “She is a Top Model type.  Really impressed by her different style! In her interview, she speaks very genuinely and nicely.” – Dennis Hayden

2nd Place: Bhairavi Burad

  • “What I like about her is her sense of fashion, her walk and the way she plays with the camera.  It is commendable!  She is a raw diamond.  If polished well, she would be a shining star for sure!” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “She is a total pageant material as compared to the other contestants.. She stands out.. And undoubtedly has that aura…” – Nehal Chudasama
  • “Her Fashion Icon video still plays on in front of me.  It created such an impact.” – Hemanth Macha

1st Place: Pooja Sharma

  • “Loved her in all the rounds, hope to see her in FMI/MD.” – Bhavika Manghwani
  • “She is a winner from every angle, her walk, poise and the vibes she has gives a perfect blend of a beauty queen, the focus she has proves that she is going a long way…..” – Rimzenith Tamang
  • “The best out there and the one to beat.” – Ritika Pal

Congratulations, Pooja Sharma!  You win the title of Miss TGPC Elite 2016 and get a direct entry in the list of contestants of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2016.  The pageant is next month!  We will be rooting for your success there. 🙂

The complete score-sheet is as follows.


Miss TGPC 2016 Finals, Judges


While the Elite Panel came up with results for Miss TGPC Elite 2016, the responsibility for selection of Miss TGPC 2016 lies entirely on shoulders of the following jury members.

  1. Melvyn Dominic Noronha – Melvyn is a known name in Indian pageantry.  He has designed numerous national costumes for Indian beauty queens, many of which have received international acclaim and “Best National Costume” recognition in international pageants. Apart from this, he is also a singer, artist, Fashion choreographer, motivational speaker and an IT engineer!
  2. Sally-Ann Fawcett – Sally-Ann is a former beauty queen and a lifelong pageant fan, as well as the author of two acclaimed books about the beauty queen world – Misdemeanours and More Misdemeanours.  She has been fortunate enough to judge several national pageants, including Miss Wales, Miss Northern Ireland and Miss Great Britain, and is thrilled to be a judge for Miss TGPC 2016!
  3. Harshita Saxena – Harshita is a former Miss India titleholder.  She had won Miss India Earth 2008 title and then later withdrew.  She again participated in Femina Miss India 2009 and made it to the Top 5. She was chosen as Femina Miss India International 2009 and represented India at Miss International 2009. She is currently working as a model
  4. Rajkanya Baruah – Rajkanya is a popular model in India and the winner of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 title and besides, a very active group member of The Great Pageant Community even before winning Miss India.
  5. Shaine Soni – Shaine is a costume designer, stylist and director (operations) of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2016 pageant.  As designer and stylist, she works with Film & TV personalities as well as beauty pageant contestants.
  6. Sudha Subramaniam Aggrawal – Sudha is the national director of World Supermodel India pageant. The winners of the pageant represent India at the coveted international modelling contest, World Supermodel pageant. Her other two brands, Bird in Blue and Yellow Umbrella are also the sponsors of Miss TGPC 2016.

Who will be the choice of the jury for the title of Miss TGPC 2016?  

Find out in the Grand Finale of the pageant at 8 PM on 2nd October 2016.  

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