Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 13, Finale 1 [Full Performance Videos]

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Finale week of Miss TGPC 2016!  

It’s been a wonderful month, for the contestants as well as for us.  It started with the excitement of something new, something never done before across the web.  There was more clarity and confidence with the first round during Ethnic Wear.  The fun was at it’s peak at the time of the Style Icon competition.  It was tensed in Wild Card Challenge.  The whole journey was only becoming better and happier due to the live chats and the sub-contests that were also a part of it.  And now, we enter the finale week with the feeling of confidence.

We have a terrific Top 7 which completely deserves to be in the final round.  All the 7 Finalists are beautiful, smart, presentable, confident and most importantly ladies with substance and presence.  We are so proud of them!

Here are the full performance videos of the Top 7 Finalists.  In these videos, their performances in party wear, style icon and ethnic wear are combined with their final interview.  In the interview, they were given some common questions which they had to answer in the time limit of 30 seconds each. The judges shall review all the videos and will rank the girls on the basis of overall performance for arriving at the winner of Miss TGPC 2016. Have a look at their video 🙂

Ananya Tripathi

The best thing about Ananya Tripathi is her consistency.  She never topped any round but she  was always among the good performers.  Everyone was impressed by her lively personality in the Live Chat on Facebook.

Bhairavi Burad

The best thing about Bhairavi Burad is her versatility.  She was elegant in Ethnic wear, very stylish in Style Icon and is highly glamorous in Party wear. She is a chameleon when it comes to styling herself.

Chinkey Saini

The best thing about Chinkey Saini is her genuine confidence.  You can see that in her walk as well as talk.  She symbolizes the term ‘Confidently Beautiful’.

Priyanka Kumari

The best thing about Priyanka Kumari is her radiant outlook and positive personality. She looks extremely humble and approachable. Beside, she has also been a consistent performer through out.

Pooja Sharma

The best part of Pooja Sharma is her rock solid confidence and presentation. She is an independent woman who knows what she wants and what she has to do to achieve that, you can see this in her interview.

Weenie Shayo

The best thing about Weenie Shayo is her innocence and cute bubbly personality. Her styling is also very interesting, she can wear anything and still make it look goo through her charm.

Here are the details about the coming episodes.

  • Episode 14, Finale 2 – Friday, 30th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 15, Grand Finale – Sunday, 2nd October 2016 at 8 PM IST.

Who is your favourite among the Top 7 Finalists?  What are your rankings for the Top 7?  What is your prediction for Miss TGPC 2016 winner?  Please let us know in comments. 🙂

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