Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 12, Wild Card Challenge


“Everyone deserves a second chance to clean up their mistakes”

This was the reason why we decided to come up with ‘Wild Card Challenge’ where in the eliminated girls will have one more shot to make it to the last leg of Miss TGPC 2016.  All the 13 contestants were given a chance to re-submit their “Party Wear” videos so that they could incorporate their learning in their performances.  Among the eliminated contestants, the ones who took this opportunity to improve their work were Vrushali Gaurkar, Chinkey Saini and Srishti Pandey. For those who didn’t submit, the previous video of their party wear was taken for consideration.

Task – Dress yourself in a party wear for a glamorous event and do a catwalk within 30 seconds.  The evaluation will be done based on overall beauty quotient and the way you carry yourself during the performance.

Wild Card Challenge, Episode Video

Here is the combined video of the 6 contestants who opted to be a part of this challenge.

Comments from TGPC Experts:

Vrushali Gaurkar certainly learnt from the previous episodes and presented a longer performance this time.  For sure, there is improvement and everyone must have noticed it!

Ravina Sethia has always garnered praise for the way she projects her beautiful face and in this episode she is again playing on her strengths.

Chinkey Saini is in no mood to give up yet and presents a fierce, impressive performance.

Harneet Kaur impressed many by her looks during the previous round, but her main issue (hand movements) still goes unresolved this week too.

 Anushka Jadhav is much better here than she was in Ethnic Wear competition. The start was nice and the smile added value to the performance.

Srishti Pandey has a lively personality and the way she plays with her hair is interesting.

The game is pretty much open to everyone.  Let us see whom the judges pick!

Wild Card Challenge, Judges

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right) Kartik Behl, Kamartaj Pathan, Ritika Ramtri, Mukesh Rathore

The five judges for the Wild-Card Challenge are as follows.  First four in the list are sponsors of Miss TGPC 2016.

  1. Mr. Kartik Behl – Pageant expert and the owner of Sumit Fashions.
  2. Mrs. Kamartaj Pathan – Fashion expert & the owner of Fashion Fundas.
  3. Mrs Ritika Ramtri – The renowned pageant coach and owner of the Tiara, the pageant coaching academy.
  4. Mr Mukesh Rathore – Ace Photographer and owner of ‘Photo N Vogue
  5. TGPC Elite Panel – Panel of prominent members from ‘The Great Pageant Community Facebook Group’

The Results of “Wild Card Challenge” will be released on 28th September 2016 at 10 AM on Facebook Page of Miss TGPC.

Update (28/09/2016): Chinkey Saini was chosen as the winner.  Ravina Sethia finished second.

Here are the details about the coming episodes.

  • Episode 13, Finale 1 – Wednesday, 28th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 14, Finale 2 – Friday, 30th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 15, Grand Finale – Sunday, 2nd October 2016 at 8 PM IST.

Who is your favourite among the 6 contestants?  Who will be the choice of the judges?  Please let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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