Miss TGPC 2016: Episode 11, Style Icon Competition [Results]

Miss TGPC 2016 started on 31st August 2016 and now the first ever web-based pageant is about to end.  Tonight we will know 6 of the Top 7 contestants who will compete next week in the final leg of the contest. One more name will join the list after the Wild-Card Challenge on 25th September 2016.  The Grand finale of Miss TGPC 2016 will be held on 2nd October 2016.

This week, the Top choice of TGPC Elite Panel will win a Direct Entry in Top 7.  Then from the remaining 10 Finalists, 5 contestants with highest scores from the judges will also move to the Top 7.

Evaluation by TGPC Elite Panel

The rankings of the Elite Panel :-

  1. Pooja
  2. Bhairavi
  3. Weenie
  4. Priyanka
  5. Ravina
  6. Ananya
  7. Supriya
  8. Harneet
  9. Chinkey
  10. Vrushali
  11. Mounica

The complete score-sheet is as follows.


Hence, Pooja Sharma, being the Top Choice of TGPC Elite Panel, is the first Top 7 Finalist of Miss TGPC 2016!

Evaluation by Jury

Miss TGPC 2016

The jury consists of the following distinguished members.

  1. Sudha Subramanian, National Director of World Supermodel India owned by Yellow Umbrella Pvt. Ltd
  2. Rajkanya Baruah, Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016
  3. Shaine Soni, Director (Operations) of Rubaru Miss India Elite Pageant.

Here are the rankings of the judges.

  1. Bhairavi
  2. Pooja
  3. Priyanka
  4. Weenie
  5. Supriya
  6. Ananya
  7. Harneet
  8. Mounica
  9. Vrushali
  10. Ravina
  11. Chinkey

The complete score-sheet is as follows.


Hence, the 5 contestants who join Pooja Sharma in the Top 7 are: Bhairavi Burad, Priyanka Kumari, Weenie Shayo, Supriya Chinchansure and Ananya Tripathi.  Congratulations!

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right) Weenie, Ananya, Priyanka, Supriya, Pooja, Bhairavi

Comments by the Jury & the Elite Panel


  • Classy, Chic and Elegant. She wears an attitude and there’s aint many competing her in this run. Bhairavi seemed to be having fun flaunting her style. Loved her modern touch. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • I like her sense of style.  The walk was on point and she rocked the outfit with confidence and a smile.  My winner of this round.  – Ms Rajkanya (Jury)
  • Very stylish , hairstyle, earrings , handbag matched with her dress . She looked like Priyadarshini, Miss World India 2016. – Mr Abu (Elite Panel)
  • Everything seems in her favour, styling, walk, attitude. – Ms Ariangel (Elite Panel)


  • She carries class and beauty which makes her appealing. However the scarf / Stole was a little ‘over-do’ to her Style outfit else she could have balanced it well. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • That attitude she walked was perfect.  Liked the drama she did at the head ramp with jacket! – Ms Rajkanya (Jury)
  • She is a style icon here! – Ms Nehal (Elite Panel)
  • A very nice effort but something was lacking, that spark was missing which she showed us in the previous episode.  (I) was expecting more from her.  Another advice, never walk too fast!  It looks clumsy. – Mr Daniel (Elite Panel)


  • Unconventionally beautiful. With amazing stage presence, she accessories to her style and gets just so comfortable in her attire. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • The walk could have been a little faster for the outfit she chose.  But she covered it with her pageant smile. – Ms Rajkanya (Jury)
  • Great walk and poise, can add a bit of more movement in terms of walk otherwise great job and the outfit really looked great on her. – Ms Ritika (Elite Panel)
  • Good walk, fabulous smile ! – Mr Farhan (Elite Panel)


  • Weenie is impeccably stylish and astonishingly beautiful. She carried her costume confidently and graciously. She is a perfect blend of grace and beauty. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • She looks like a supermodel in this round.  Very well executed ! – Ms Rajkanya (Jury)
  • She knows the walk!  She knows how to carry herself.  Dress could have been a little better. – Ms Ohanna (Elite Panel)
  • I didn’t get what she is wearing. Just her exotic look, confidence and that smile is the saving grace. – Ms Ariangel (Elite Panel)


  • Chic styled skirt and bright white tops complimented her looks and style perfectly. Little more confidence in her walk and posture will take her a long way towards limelight.  – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • Good outfit and soft beautiful expressions! You need to work on your walk and confidence! – Ms Aditi (Elite Panel)
  • Doing too many rounds can make your walk clumsy! – Ms Rimzenith (Elite Panel)
  • Beautiful girl, but her dress was too simple for such round.  Repeated head turn wasn’t good to look at. – Mr Abu (Elite Panel)


  • Ananya looked decent but ran short of what it takes to make a style statement. She combined simple gown with simple looks. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • Nice gown.  Her shoulders moved too much. – Mr Abu (Elite Panel)
  • Beautiful pink outfit. The walk was fine but you can do better. Keep practicing. Don’t try too hard just go with the flow and be confident! –  Ms Aditi (Elite Panel)
  • Good walk, can be better. – Ms Ritika (Elite Panel)


  • Harneet has charming aura but needs to work on her choice of attires that can best suit her, ideally what she feels comfortable in. She seemed completely lost than becoming lively! – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • I loved her confidence!  She walked with full confidence on her sleeves. – Ms Rajkanya (Jury)
  • I was definitely not expecting to see that tremendous change; she definitely took the judges advice seriously and proved herself worthy to be in the competition.  Only advice is that relax while you’re walking; don’t take a lot of pressure.  Concentrate on your walk and posture. –  Mr Daniel (Elite Panel)
  • She has chosen a perfect outfit as per her body.. I loved her! – Ms Nehal (Elite Panel)


  • Didn’t make a style statement and Mounica seemed rather under-confident hiding it with her pair of glares. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • She should fix her walk! – Mr Farhan (Elite Panel)
  • I don’t know what she was thinking. The dressing style was poor and the walk needs to be learnt from scratch. – Ms Ohanna (Elite Panel)
  • It’s a style round girl.  Where is style! – Mr Dennis (Elite Panel)


  • Her outfit and style doesn’t do overall justice to her beauty. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • Started well, but walked short and lost way in the middle. Nice effort. –  Ms Ritika (Elite Panel)
  • Nice sense of style. – Mr Dennis (Elite Panel)
  • She should complete her walk properly.  She seemed in a hurry. – Ms Rimzenith (Elite Panel)


  • White & Blue shades seemed very stylish with smartly paired up necklace. She chose to be (almost) comfortable with what she wore. Ravina will need to tone up her body though. – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • Decent style and nice stage-presence. – Mr Dennis (Elite Panel)
  • My favorite outfit, she walked confidently which really complements her chick look. A bit practice on turns will make her walk even better. – Ms Rimzenith (Elite Panel)
  • Efforts put behind this round can be seen here, she knows her strengths! – Ms Nehal (Elite Panel)


  • Chinkey could have rather got candid and honest with what she wore than posing such serious looks? Would advise to work on toning her body a bit. Getting cheerful is stylish, girl! – Ms Sudha (Jury)
  • Last time she was in my Top 3, but now she dropped down a bit.  Why there is so much of ‘?’ mark on your face!  Relax, stay cool while facing the camera!  Do slow down while walking. – Mr Daniel (Elite Panel)
  • That confidence, cheers! – Ms Nehal (Elite Panel)
  • Walk needs energy and face needs more expression. – Ms Ritika (Elite Panel)

Here are the details about the coming episodes.

  • Episode 12, Wild Card Challenge – Sunday, 25th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 13, Finale 1 – Wednesday, 28th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 14, Finale 2 – Friday, 30th September 2016 at 8 PM IST.
  • Episode 15, Grand Finale – Sunday, 2nd October 2016 at 8 PM IST.

Do you agree with the results?  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 🙂