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Virginia Argueta is Miss Universe Gautemala 2016

Stunning Virginia Argueta was declared as the winner of Miss Universe Guatemala 2016. With this title, she will now represent Guatemala in Miss Universe 2016 in January 2017 in Philippines. She hails from Jutiapa and battled out 14 other girls in the contest to claim the title of Miss Guatemala Universe 2016. She succeeds Fabiola Jeimmy Aburto as a new Miss Guatemala Universe.

Meet: Miss Universe 2016 Contestants

Virginia Argueta is Miss Universe Gautemala 2016

At the same event, Miss Izabal Melida Marioly Perdomo was declared as the first runner-up who will compete in Miss Supranational 2016 in Poland and  Miss Santa Rosa Jennifer Sofia Alvadaro was declared as the 2nd runner-up who will compete in Miss United Continents 2016. Guatemala has only placed thrice in Miss Universe in 1955, 1984 and 2010. In 2012, Guatemala won Miss Congeniality with courtesy of Laura Godoy.

Chances of Virginia Argueta at Miss Universe 2016

Virginia Argueta is Miss Universe Gautemala 2016

Virginia Argueta has a stunning face which too good to be ignored. And she has voluptuous body frame which can easily score good at the stage of Miss Universe. However, considering the track record of Guatemala in Miss Universe history, the sash factor is too light which can act as a obstacle. However, we feel she should place to bring in a breathe of fresh air in terms of placement trends.

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