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Antonia Figueroa has been crowned as Miss World Chile 2016

Miss Mundo Chile 2016: Antonia Figueroa

Antonia Figueroa has been crowned as Miss World Chile 2016

Antonia Figueroa from Santiago has been crowned as Miss World Chile 2016 and will represent Chile at Miss World 2016, which will be held in December 2016 in Washington D.C., the United States of America.  She succeeds Fernanda Sobarzo Aguilera as Miss World Chile (also known as Miss Mundo Chile).

A resident of Coquimbo, Antonia Figueroa studies at the University of La Serena.  She is 21 years of age and stands 1.75 meters tall.

Chile has had a rather dismal record in Miss World.  Although the country is competing in Miss World for more than over 5 decades, they have placed just 4 times.  The best performance by a Chilean in Miss World was achieved by Daniella Andrea Campos Lathrop, who was Top 10 finalist & Queen of the Americas in Miss World 1998.  Gabriela Pulgar Luco of Chile won Miss World Talent in Miss World 2011 and placed in Top 20.  Last year’s representative, Fernanda Sobarzo was unplaced in Miss World 2015.  Will Antonia Figueroa place this year?  We think she has a shot.  She looks very beautiful.  It depends on her preparation for the pageant.

Image credits: Miss Mundo Chile

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