Johanna Acs is chosen as Miss Universe Germany 2016

Johanna Acs is chosen as Miss Universe Germany 2016
Credits: Johanna’s Facebook

Johanna Acs has been elected as Miss Universe Germany 2016.  She will represent the European superpower in the prestigious Miss Universe 2016 pageant which will be held in Philippines in coming January.  Johanna was Miss Germany in Miss International 2010, Miss Asia Pacific World Super talent 2014, Miss Grand International 2014 & Miss Supranational 2015.  She was Top 15 finalist in Miss International 2010.  She succeeds Sarah-Lorraine Riek as Miss Universe Germany.

This 24 years old beauty from North Rhine-Westphalia is 1.78 meter tall.  She studies textile and clothing management.  She is also a model and has travelled over 50 countries worldwide.  Her court includes first runner-up Doresa Halilaj and Sabine Graf.  The former among the two is a nurse with Albanian roots and the latter is student of physics who has deep interest in charity.

Germany has placed around 20 times in Miss Universe pageant till now.  The country was very strong in the initial years of the pageant.  In fact Germany placed continuously for a decade since the year of inception of Miss Universe.  The highest placement of Germany was achieved by Marlene Schmidt, who won Miss Universe 1961.  However, Germany fizzled out in the past few decades.  In the past 20 years, the only placement of Germany in Miss Universe was achieved by Natascha Börger, Miss Universe Germany 2002 who was Top 10 at Miss Universe 2002.  Will Johanna Acs bring Germany back on track in Miss Universe?

Johanna Acs: Chances in Miss Universe 2016

Germany has been weak in Miss Universe pageant since long time, but there are many reasons to believe that Johanna may do well this year.  She is a pageant veteran, having participated in 4 major international pageants already.  She is tall, lean and pretty.  Her modelling experience and international exposure will also help her.  She is definitely in the list of girls who we think have a good shot at Top 15 placement.