Simone Freitag is chosen as Miss World Paraguay 2016

Simone Freitag is Miss World Paraguay 2016
Credits: Simone’s Facebook

Simone Freitag is chosen as Miss World Paraguay 2016 (Miss Mundo Paraguay).  She will represent Paraguay at Miss World 2016 that will be held in the United States of America in December 2016.  Simone succeeds Giovanna Estéfani Cordeiro Villalba as Miss World Paraguay.  This economics student from Santa Rita worked as front office executive in Banco Regionals in the past.

Paraguay has been competing at Miss World since 1959 but has been largely unsuccessful.  The country has achieved just three placements till now.  The first placement was achieved by Daisy Patricia Ferreira Caballero in Miss World 1985.  She was Top 15 finalist.  Paraguay placed for two consecutive years, in 2010 and 2011 with Egni Analia Almirón Eckert and Nicole Elizabeth Huber Vera in their respective years.  Last year’s representative Giovanna Estéfani Cordeiro Villalba did not place, but she was 3rd runner-up in Talent round.  Will Simone Freitag place at Miss World 2016?

Chances of Simone Freitag in Miss World 2016

While Simone is certainly fit and lean, she is not striking in terms of beauty.  It may be challenging for her to stand out in the group of 100+ contestants.  Unless she does exceptionally well in the challenger events, we don’t see much hope for Paraguay this year too.  For now, she is not in our Top 20.  Nothing personal though, best wishes to Simone!