Manuela Bruntraeger is crowned as Miss Earth Singapore 2016

Manuela Bruntraeger is crowned as Miss Earth Singapore 2016

A 23 years old beauty by the name Manuela Bruntraeger has been chosen as Miss Earth Singapore 2016.  She will represent Singapore at Miss Earth 2016, which will be held in the Philippines in October 2016.  She succeeds Tiara Hadi as Miss Earth Singapore.

In a post on Facebook, Manuela Bruntraeger expressed her appreciation for Miss Earth pageant as follows:

If it was going to be a pageant, it had to be Miss Earth.

We live on an island, somewhere in the middle of the universe.
A blue planet, surrounded by vastness. Teeming with life and creativity.

However, like ants, crawling over a half eaten apple, we are taking away pieces,
until eventually, there is nothing left, but a dried curled core..

What do we do when there is nothing left?

We belong to one home. Earth.
Save it. Love it. Protect it.

Chances of Manuela Bruntraeger at Miss Earth 2016

Manuela is overall a strong contestant.  Her face, her body and her presence are strong.  With proper preparation, she can do well in the pageant.  Since her sash is weak, the road may be a less easier for her.  Nevertheless, we would wait to see how she does in the pageant.  For now she is not in our Top 16.

Credits: Miss Earth Singapore