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Neelam Virwani, India’s Next Top Model Season 2 contestant, collapses on set

Neelam Virwani, India's Next Top Model Season 2 contestant

India’s Next Top Model Season 2 contestant, Neelam Virwani collapsed during the shoot of India’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3. It was when Lisa Hayden was giving feedback to one of the contestants about her performance during Ramp Walk in Manish Malhotra’s Collection and we could see Neelam collapsing in the background. She later recovered very soon as the back-end staff did immediate medical aid. You can see the video below:

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The video also highlight the fact that Neelam Virwani didn’t have proper food and it resulted into her falling down on the stage. Neelam is one of the tallest contestants on the set and she was also one of our Top 5 in Best Bikini Body of India’s Next Top Model Season 2.

Credits: MTV India


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