India’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2 Review

India's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2

India’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2 was didn’t have much to review as we already reviewed all the contestants in Task 1, featured in Episode 1. The opinion of judges and our experts’ was almost similar, apart from few major disagreements.

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Review of India’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2

Ana Chawdhary India's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 1
Ana Chawdhary
  1. Ana Chawdhary no way deserved to get eliminated. She had one of the best bodies, height and personalities. We agree that she had some disagreement with judges, which should not have affected their decision. But it looked that the decision was a bit biased. We also feel that Ana’s shot came really well meeting to the expectations of the theme. We really failed to understand on what went wrong.
  2. Another disagreement was the elimination of Lekha Prajapati. Ok, for a moment we agree that she was more of a small screen actress than Top Model, but last year they took Aditi Shetty with same comment and she went as far as Top 5. We don’t see this as a real reason to eliminate Lekha. Beside, we also liked her picture. We feel she could have done really well if she was retained.
  3. The selection of Ashmita Jaggi over Ana Chawdhary was really painful. We have nothing against Ashmita, yes we do think she has potential, but Ana was much more polished in every sense. Infact Ana could have easily been one of the Top 5 later on.India's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2

The show didn’t have any new task as such to evaluate the contestants. Anushka Dandekar was mentoring the girls on ramp walk, along with the expert Alesia Raut, who was here to groom the girls for the contest. The funny thing here is that many contestants are past contestants of Femina Miss India or its city region and Alesia has already trained them at one or multiple instances. Yet nobody were able to garner the praises from Alesia or Anushka. One thing we must appreciate is the way Alesia did that stair walk, this woman can set stage on fire right away.

The pre-cap of India’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3 showed that girls shall be walking ramp floating on swimming pool and regular ramp in Manish Malhotra’s collection. It looked quite stunning. Let’s see how it goes today night. Stay tuned to watch Episode 3 on MTV at 7 PM IST.

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