Exclusive Interview: Mohit Singh, Mister United Continents India 2016!

In conversation with Mohit Singh, Mister United Continents India 2016!

Mohit Singh

He is one of the best looking men in the country. From being an engineer in Havells India Limited to becoming a Mister India to getting a chance to represent the country at an international stage, his journey has been what we call a “Magical” one. He embodies all the attributes that are required to be there in an ideal Mister India. He is strikingly good looking, has remarkable intellect, very humble and extremely hardworking, with an aim to make his nation proud. We are talking about Mohit Singh, India’s representative to the Mister United Continents 2016 pageant to be held in the Philippines from 11 to 23 July 2016. He won the annual Rubaru Mister India 2016 pageant held on 24 April 2016 in Gurugram and now he is all set to fly to the Philippines with the aim to make India proud.

Here, in an exclusive interview with this very charming gentleman, he talked about his tryst with pageantry and his future goals.

Q1. Hello Mohit! First of all huge congratulations to you on winning the Rubaru Mister India 2016 pageant. How does it feel to have won the coveted Mister United Continents India 2016 title at the pageant?
MOHIT – Thank you so much for your warm wishes! It feels great. I am so happy. Being an engineer by profession I was a complete stranger to this field I mean I had no idea how to walk the ramp or how to pose for the photographers or what to do on stage, what not to do, I had no experience in this filed and making it to this level, it is really a big deal for me. I feel truly honoured and blessed. I always dreamt of experiencing this fascinating world and then Rubaru Mister India contest happened. I mean the feeling that you get when you walk down the runway wearing that sash carrying a title having India in it. It is really a wonderful feeling. I feel so happy.
Q2. What was your reaction when they announced your name at the grand finale?
MOHIT – Honestly speaking, I was blank for 2 – 3 seconds when they announced my name and then I realized yes it was me, yes I made it. I was so happy and excited, filled with so many mixed emotions. It was really an amazing moment for me. All my emotions and excitement came out in the form of a big smile on my face. I can never forget that moment.
Q3. How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Group?
MOHIT – It has been a great journey with the Rubaru Group. As I mentioned earlier I had never been on the runway or under the spotlight before entering the Rubaru Mister India contest. So, for me it has really been a fascinating journey. Being addressed as Mister India is a really big thing and not every guy gets this privilege. I am really thankful to Sandeep Kumar sir and the entire Rubaru Group for giving me this platform to make my country proud and to experience something a few luckier ones get to experience; I mean how many other guys get the opportunity to make their nation proud. I feel so happy.
Mohit Singh
Q4. Tell us more about yourself.
MOHIT – I am from Haryana and currently working as an Engineer in Havells India Limited. I am an animal lover. I would describe myself as a regular guy who dreamt about something, worked for it and living that dream now. I was very sure that if I wanted to achieve something I would have to work for it, yes it is true that destiny plays a great role but to utilize the opportunities that destiny has offered, some efforts are needed and, that’s what I did, I worked for it. At the same time the support I got from my family and friends encouraged me to push even further and try ever harder and here I am now.
Q5. You will now be representing India at the prestigious Mister United Continents 2016 pageant to be held in the Philippines. Tell us something about the preparations going on for the international pageant. MOHIT – Preparations are in full swing. I have always heard or read that with the title comes the responsibilities but now I am actually experiencing it. It has been 2 months since I won Rubaru Mister India 2016 contest. Within these 2 months my lifestyle has completely changed. I am following a strict regime along with managing my job. All my colleagues at Havells are very supportive. They are supporting me as much as they can. This is helping me a lot in having a perfect balance between my preparations and my job. All my friends and family are also supporting me in every possible way. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing support system. Regular workout, proper diet, having enough sleep and improving my speaking skills, I am trying to cover as many areas as I can before leaving for the Philippines for Mister United Continents 2016. So that I can represent India in the best way I can.
Q6. What made you enter the Rubaru Mister India 2016 contest?
MOHIT – I read about Rubaru Mister India 2016 auditions here on Facebook. Then I felt like I should go for it. It was like moving out of my comfort zone and doing something I wanted to do, I mean trying my hand in modelling and at the same time it was providing me an opportunity to do something for India. This encouraged me even more to go for it. So, I auditioned for Rubaru Mister India in New Delhi and got selected. Rest, I am here.
Mohit Singh
Q7. Your inspiration in life.
MOHIT – My Mother
Q8. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.
MOHIT – “…it isn’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” – Sylvester Stallone
Q9. What message would you like to give to your fans and supporters reading this interview?
MOHIT – Thank you so much for taking out some time to read my interview. Moreover, I would say to all the individuals who are trying for something in any field or working towards their goal, keep working for it. If I can achieve my goal then you can also achieve yours. At last, thank you so much for all the support that you have given me so far and kindly continue to support me throughout my journey.


NAME: Mohit Singh
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 July 1990
HEIGHT: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
OCCUPATION: Engineer at Havells India Limited
COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY: YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad
Credits: Mohit Singh’s Facebook Page