How to BE YOURSELF in Pageants?


How to BE YOURSELF in Pageants?

In Pageants, at many occasions you might have heard the phrase “Be Yourself!” What does that actually means? You are competing in a pageant and hence you are in the eyes of pageant aficionados and critics all the time. Consequently, your every little gesture is noted to get an idea of your personality. Though having a mature and polished personality is a prerequisite, you can still be your natural self and flaunt it proudly. So how you should do it? Well, we present you the following points where you can get a fair idea of how to be yourself without hampering your chances at pageants.

1. Don’t imitate anyone

How to BE YOURSELF in Pageants?

Beauty queens are the voices of community and hence they need to have an identity of their own. Don’t try to copy expressions, gestures, body language of Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen or Asha Bhat. Yes, we love them and hold immense pride to see them taking our nation to glorious stature, but remember they won because they stood out individually. Never ever compare yourself to any former beauty queen or your co-contestant.

2. Focus on your goal without any insecurity

You can enjoy your pageant journey without losing focus from your goal. Remember, you can give your best shot only when you happen to be comfortable with what comes your way. You need to win the pageant as much as the girl besides you want to win it, if there was no competition you won’t be standing here as a finalist or a contestant. But an effective performance comes only with serenity. Stay cool, be focused but enjoy the moment. This is your once in a lifetime experience, live it in the best way possible and give your best shot without any pressure or insecurity.


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3. Never Fake your Personality

You may think being over gregarious or sweet in social media can help you earn a fan base, but those who have eyes for beauty and personality will immediately decipher who is being real, and who is faking it to come in spotlight. Just be yourself! Don’t try too hard to grab attention, because if you are worth it, it will eventually come to you sooner or latter.

4. Don’t try to be Mother Teresa!
How to BE YOURSELF in Pageants?
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Be honest in your expression and be vocal about your ideas. Don’t sound rehearsed. Take a stand and be a strong woman. Be vocal about your stance without involving any controversial term or ideology. Spontaneity is the key to success! No need to give Godly answers always.

5. Don’t brag about your past achievements

Show your cards when it is needed. Having extraordinary achievements and proficiency can help you earn a good impression, but bragging too much about your self-worth can give someone an arrogant impression of you to your co-contestants and organisation.

6. Be Grateful

Express gratitude to your fans, supporters and interact with the people who have really helped you evolve with their suggestions and constructive criticisms. But again, do it only when you genuinely feel it.

7. Be Social

You want to be people’s queen, hence interaction is very important. Develop good social relations, eventually this will help you when you will compete in an international pageant. If you expect that doing this in the last month of your international pageant can gain you fruits, then you are on the wrong track. Love and support earned throughout the journey certainly helps you in a longer run, and if you see it from a give and take point of view, you will end up having a minimum buzz in the last moment.

So this was all I could think of having a spontaneous personality! 🙂 Having a striking personality is a necessitate! When a girl competes internationally there are at least 20-25 equally strong women who have great walk and wonderful facial features, but at the end, what counts is your personality. Hence, work on your personality as much as you workout in the gym or walk at the ramp.


Author: Vagisha Mishra, Founder of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

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