Miss Teen USA 2016 Contestants & People’s Choice Award

Who will succeed Katherine Haik as Miss Teen USA? Meet the contestants of Miss Teen USA 2016

Who will succeed Katherine Haik as Miss Teen USA 2016? 

Miss Teen USA 2016 will be the 34th edition of the Pageant. The dates and venue of the pageant aren’t announced yet. All th fifty states and District of Columbia will compete for the title of Miss Teen USA 2016. The eventual winner of this pageant will get the golden chance to live in New York city for a year alongside the ‘then’ reigning Miss USA and reigning Miss Universe title Holder. Miss Teen USA Pageant is open for girls between (and including) the ages of fourteen to nineteen. Miss Teen USA works with many charities that the Miss Universe Organization supports. The winner also gets to walk at various fashion shows.

The reigning Miss Teen USA, that is Miss Teen USA 2015, is the charismatic Katherine Haik from Louisiana. At 15, she is the youngest Miss Teen USA winner.

In 2007 NBC decided not to renew Miss Teen USA broadcasting right. Miss Teen USA 2008 pageant wasn’t Televised as NBC had made prior commitments to Beijing Olympics. Since 2009 there is a live streaming of the pageant. Atlantis, Bahamas is hosting Miss Teen USA Pageant since 2008.

The first ever edition of Miss Teen USA took place at Lakeland, Florida in 1983. Miss New York Ruth Zakarian won the title. Oregon with three Miss Teen USA title is the most successful state in the pageant. California, Louisiana,Tennessee and Texas have won the title twice. Miss Teen USA winner can’t compete in Miss USA Pageant, where as former contestants can participate in it. Kelly Hu, Bridgette Wilson, Charlotte Lopez-Ayanna, Vanessa Minnillo are some of the famous Miss Teen USA winners.

People’s Choice Award for Miss Teen USA 2016

The day is about to come when all the Miss Teen USA 2016 contestants shall be facing each other in real time once the arrival of the contestants begins. We shall be providing you the instant updates of Miss Teen USA 2016 contest on our Facebook page and various reviews and hotpicks on our blog. Hence, as a coverage media, we would like to take this opportunity of deciding theVoice of People’ by releasing ‘TGPC People’s Choice Award’. Remember the importance of people’s choice can’t be neglected, our past winner of people’s choice winner have done great in the competition, obviously the mileage and support always help girls to do better.

The winner of the poll shall get an exclusive chance to feature in our editions and shall be entitled to a special promotion, should she win Miss Teen USA 2016. The deadline for the voting is one day before the finale, USA Standard Time. Remember, Every vote shall get 1 point . The Winner shall be determined with the highest combined scores. You can vote as many times as you want and also as many contestants as you like in one shot. No restrictions. Just Have a look at all the contestants below and cast your vote.!!!

Miss Teen USA 2016 Contestants

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Photo Credit:Twitter and Facebook Profiles of the contestants, Miss Teen USA Website