Latoya Moffat is Miss World St. Lucia 2016

Latoya Moffat

Latoya Moffat has won the title of Miss World St. Lucia 2016.  She will represent the country at Miss World 2016.  The pageant may be held in December this year.  In all, 5 contestants were part of the contest.  Latoya Moffat can be the second Miss St. Lucia to place at Miss World, in case she places.  The first one was Sophia Omer, Miss St. Lucia 1975.

Know more about Latoya Moffat

Latoya Moffat is an enterprising spirit who has aspirations of becoming a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 15 Latoya launched her own non -profit cheer and dance Academy which is very successful to date.  She studied law at Hammersmith and West London School.

Latoya was born in St Lucia but raised in London.  She is currently a part time Marketing Consultant based in Los Angeles.  At An early age, Latoya’s grandmother adopted her and instilled in her the ideals of perseverance, principles, and values.

Latoya’s other passions include anything under the umbrella of media, journalism and the arts.  In her spare time she enjoys writing, playing the piano, horseback-riding.  Last year she hosted her own radio show called “Diary of a Pageant Girl”, where she talked about everything pageantry and promoting a positive image and behaviour in young aspiring models.

She would like to use beauty with a purpose platform to work tirelessly to raise funds and bring awareness for her chosen charity “Raise your Voice St Lucia”.  It is a feminist organisation that exist to promote the needs and rights of women and girls who have experienced sexual violence.

Credits: Miss World St. Lucia Facebook