Anthea Zammit is Miss World Malta 2016

Anthea Zammit

Anthea Zammit from Zebbug, Malta has been chosen as Miss World Malta 2016.  Jade Cini and Christa Formosa were her runner-ups at the event.  Anthea will now represent Malta at Miss World 2016 in December.

Anthea Zammit has the chance to be the second Maltese beauty to place at Miss World.  The first was Miss World Malta 1969 Mary Brincat of Sliema.  She made it to Top 15 of Miss World 1969.  Malta has been participating in Miss World since 1965.  However, there has been just one placement in almost 5 decades.

Anthea Zammit’s chances at Miss World 2016

Anthea seems to be a weak delegate.  In most probability, she will continue the non-placement streak of the country.  However, we do have some good advice for her, if she is reading.  She can try to focus on her “Beauty with a purpose” project.  There is a lot of time before Miss World.  “Beauty with a purpose”(BWAP) always has very high scores in the leader-board.  Hence if she manages to crack Top 10 of BWAP, she can perhaps place also.  Apart from this, she can also work on her interview skills and walk.  Unfortunately, her sash is weak and at times girls from such countries fail to place in spite of exceptional performances, like Miss World Samoa 2015.

Credits: Anthea Zammit’s FB profile (pictures from Mark Soler Msphotography & Bernard Polidano )


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