Miss USA 2016 Water Photoshoot: Do you like the new concept?

Miss USA 2016 Water Photoshoot

Miss USA 2016 Water Photoshoot:

Matt Petit has started showing his magic through the power of his lens at the contest this year. Miss USA 2016 has partially released few of the stills from photoshoots Our favourite till now is ‘Miss USA 2016 Water Photoshoot’.

The concept is so new and unique, that we have seen it for the first time, and we are totally loving it. This gives girls to do something creative with poses and also allows them to have a different experience altogether than just having a Gown and Swimsuit photoshoot. Such photoshoot also allows see the versatility of the girls and beside everything, the lighting, the effect and those shining bubbles through water (Illusion due to girls’ skirt). This is just an awesome photoshoot. What are your thoughts for this new change?

Credits: Miss USA Facebook Page