Miss USA 2016 Judges: A BAD decision?

Miss USA 2016 Judges

Miss USA 2016 Judges have been revealed for deciding the winner during finale. The judges are Ali Landry, Crystle Stewart, Joe Zee, Laura Brown and may be the 5th judge would be public vote. One thing we really don’t appreciate with the new ownership is selection of judges. We don’t mean quality here, we meant by quantity. WME/IMG tends to select very less number of judges, like they did at Miss Universe 2015.

Assuming there are only 4 real judges, we can easily make out that the old tradition of removing highest and lowest score from the average can not exist anymore, even if exist then it would be pathetic with only 2 judges’ score getting average. This will change whole game if one judge wishes to ruin the chances of a particular contestant.

For an example, let us assume Crystle wishes to vote for Texas as the new Miss USA. If she gives her highest possible score of 9.99 and gives rest all a lowest score of 7 (Assuming this is the minimum what a judge can give to a girl), Texas can easily win with such a huge score difference. Although, it is also important that other judges must vote Texas with some decent scores. This is just an assumption but such practice may get promoted with such a handful number of judges. We don’t believe that WME can’t afford good amount of judges. Having very less number of judges may give an undue advantage to a particular girl even if she is not worthy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the number of judges should be increased? Or you find this system is alright..!!

Credits: Miss USA FB Page.