Pageant Questions Season 2 Grand Finale: Shilpa Singh’s Verdict!


Welcome to the Pageant Questions season 2 Grand Finale Results!

The result of Question No 2 is out! The very stunning Shilpa Singh has gracefully honored our request to judge this Season! We are extremely proud to have her on board as she has been one of the best representatives from India, a talented and a confident lady who stands up for the values she believes in, and most importantly, the drought breaker of india at Miss Universe, as she is proudly called so!

Moving on to the results, the question was:

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Shilpa Singh’s Comments: “I am in general, very proud to read all the answers! But I think most of the answers went in the direction of defining feminism instead of answering what the question asked! I loved the response by No 3 (Chinkey Saini) as there is a fresh perspective there. Both men and women deserve equal treatment and yes, there have been occasions when feminism is perceived to be extreme and unfair but as rightly pointed out, it’s mostly the insecurity that leads to that. Great answer! To the point and nicely structured”

As you would all have judged by now, the winner is:

Chinkey Saini: Men and women are reflections of one another,that’s why men cry like women and women fight like men.God has set us equal.’Liberalisation’ for a gender cannot justify feminism which is a movement towards equity.We all are embedded with strength and zeal to fight the odds and injustice and stand firm with an identity. Being a feminist is about reshaping the world which is torn on the terms of gender.The sexist bunkum is a measure of those insecure minds who fear the power of united people with opinions and a backbone!

Score: 9

1st Runner Up: Sanjana Karkera

I am a feminist. Its not only about women liberalism , its for all genders freedom , its about creating a equal nation , Feminism’s about breaking stereotypes, its about claiming rights for your community. Howmuchever ruined our generation may be but atleast we wont judge girls on the size of their dress and we wont put all the burden of earning money on men. And Im proud of my generation for it .

Score: 8.5

2nd Runner Up: Nehal Chudasama

Striving for equal rights for women is feminism, wanting to see world a better place and to have contribute like the male counter part is feminism, To ask for a equal lovely world is feminism, to fight for your spot against all odds is feminism, the dedication and hard work that follows this decision is feminism, And yes I’m a proud feminist, the one who will support female liberalization and condemn all bunkums made in name of feminism. Thankyou!

Score: 8

Congratulations! 🙂